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Breakfast with the Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt

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I have received a few emails in regards if we are doing anything in Cudahy like “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny” or an “Easter Egg hunt”?


YES in Cudahy, we will have both!  Please attend JE Jones School on MARCH 21, 2009.  See info at bottom for details.


Originally, the answer to both was NO, but one was a maybe.  Then just as I was going to post, I saw “JE Jones PTA - Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and egg hunt.”  I will have more about it at the end.


I checked to see if the “City” was going to do a “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny” and was told “NO”, but an offer would be put out to the Cudahy Family Library again requesting if they would like to do it.  Again, the answer was NO!


As many of you are aware, Tina Dondajeski of the Patrick Cudahy Park Friends, held an Easter Egg Hunt in 2007 at Cudahy Park that was successful.  Unfortunately, due to an earlier Easter and all the snow last year, no Easter Egg Hunt was planned.  This year, the Park Friends don’t have enough volunteers to do an Easter Egg hunt.  If they could get five or six more people, they might be able to pull something together. 


I do know we have five alderpersons and a Mayor in Cudahy.  Doesn’t that make six?


The time to act is now to get in place an Easter Egg hunt!  The Patrick Cudahy Park Friends have most of the supplies to do an Easter egg hunt and could even get a bunny costume.  Weather is a problem since they can’t get into the pavilion yet because it’s used for storage.  However, they could do it at another park, the library, or even one of the schools. 


The biggest problem is not enough people willing to join the group and help out.  Depending on when and what my commitments already are, I will help out!


Cudahy is a very family orientated city and our wonderful children in the community need an event like this.  Please volunteer and make this a reality.  Who knows, if we all push our Alderpersons, Mayor McCue and the library we might be able to pull off “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.”  “Breakfast with Santa” was very successful and I have no doubt “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny” could be as well. 


Thanks again to Tina for doing so much for our parks and children.


Please contact Tina Dondajeski of the Patrick Cudahy Park Friends to help volunteer.


Tina Dondajeski, President

Patrick Cudahy Park Friends

Phone: (414) 881-8494



So for those that missed it on the “Your Stories” JE Jones PTA - Breakfast with the Easter Bunny here is the info:


Hop on over to JE Jones School (5845 S. Swift Ave - Cudahy) on March 21, 2009 for an All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast sponsored by our PTA.


Along with the Pancake Breakfast, we will be offering crafts for the kids to do, an opportunity for them to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny, and an Egg hunt with special eggs that will have a money prize in them.


DATE: MARCH 21, 2009








$4 / CHILD UNDER 10*







*Pancake Breakfast includes crafts and egg hunt.


Visit our PTA Website at, click on Events to find out more information or call 414-294-7150.


To purchase advanced reservations please email us at for payment options or stop by our school and reserve your space today.  There will be a limited amount of space available the day of the event so order early.  Advanced sales available until March 17th.


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