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I wish to share some comments I received in emails about Mayor McCue’s failure as a leader and Mayor.  My thoughts are in blue.


I guess that you might want to include some of these other items in your report.  Such as the hours he is in the office (from 8am to 12 noon only) four days a week some Fridays, but not many.  Again, I ask why don’t we have a system to monitor the hours our Mayor works, you know the time he is billing us for his expertise as MayorI wonder how many Fridays he has taken off to buy a puppy?


After the election, he has repeatedly stated that he felt the mayor's job in Cudahy is only a part time, yet he wants a full time salary.  He did pick up working part time but getting paid for full time, at Milwaukee County Government.  With the amount of hours he puts in, if you prorated the salary, we pay him over $100 per hour.  Wow that is just incredible the amount of money we are wasting!


What a great part-time job.  If he is able to leave early every day there simply can't be enough executive work to warrant the hiring of a personal assistant, yet when Judy Masarik left, he worked to rehire Carolyn (who does not live in Cudahy) to fill the position and even gave her a tremendous raise in salary over Judy's salary cap.


What happen to all of the resumes that Robert Goss had of people wanting to fill that job?  Where was the process than?  Didn’t McCue say no fast tracking?  I did ask the Alderpersons and Mayor this question - It is my understand that deputy clerk / confidential secretary (Judy Masarak), just quit and the city is bringing back Carolyn Thoms-Neary, even though the job description was not even hammered out as director of office services.  If the personnel committee NEVER met about this idea how can it be passed?


What about the thousands of tax dollars he used to "upgrade” the front desk area at city hall after someone "shot out" the front door to city hall last year.  The excuse at the time was there should be a safety glass to separate the public from the clerk's desks.  All of the changes took place at city hall where done without checking with the inspection department for building code compliance.  What about ADA compliance?


None of the changes created a "safe zone" for the clerk's, besides there was already a drop down metal gate to fend off threatening individuals.  On the contrary, the money was used for the changes that remodeled the mayor’s glassed in office so that there are now solid interior walls with small windows that only look out into the other office areas and you can't see if the mayor is in or not!  Is that done on purpose so people have no clue if Mayor McCue is working?  Why were the blinds not reused or sold?  What happen to the bidding process for the remodeling?


A question comes to bear.  Why did he move from the old mayor's office, which he said was too closed off and dark, yet was open and easily accessible to the public?  He chose to move from that old office to the glassed in office only to spend thousands to wall it off.


I still have respect for the office of the Mayor, just not the Mayor himself.


Joe Henika was appointed to the Board of Review at the 1st Council meeting in May 2008.  I saw that after they put the minutes on line.  Maybe that is why he is leading the move Wal-Mart to another location charge, however, his constant pounding about the taxpayers, as well as not giving Kasten a dime, are a bit conflicting.


Who said this - Committee Appointment Process: Once elected as your Mayor, I will make committee appointments based on the persons experience, subject knowledge and education.  Not based on their political connections.  I believe a strong committee structure will help make the city run smoothly.  In order to get fresh new ideas, I will work to get new people involved on committees.


Did McCue, who seems like a control freak, for appointments and has put people on that that supported him on a committee, welcome Joe with open arms?  This one is a little weird since Joe Henika was not in his corner.


He talked about is committee appointments being non-political, however, anyone he has added to a committee since taking over was a major McCue supporter.  Just the reason we don’t need an appointed Clerk Treasurer.


See I think the strategy has changed and the open record documents gathered so far will be given to those running against McCue for Mayor so they can exploit them and hopeful get McCue to answer the questions.


The Mayor ran on a platform to fix the problem of absentee landlords, bring business to Cudahy, and make it a new day!


Unfortunately, it is now a worse day for Cudahy, and the same old sh****!!


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