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SoccerNut was correct.  The Director Economic Developer exact budget for 2009 is $348,734.


Please see the detailed two pages for a breakdown of the cost.  Please notice that on page two we are paying for retirement and life insurance on the TWO so called "needed" interns.  What are they going to do?


Also, remember that the Iceport TID is where the money for the Director Economic Lara Fritts salary is coming from.  So, if it doesn’t get developed this year, WE will foot the bill not the TID.


Here is Lara Fritts’s email address for those that may want it.



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Director Economic Developer Budget Pge 1 Director Economic Developer Budget page 2



Just how much will the taxpayers, US, keep paying?  The city has US, the taxpayers, picking up the tab on taking down the Iceport structure, paying for the fence around the Iceport, cleanup of the contaminated land, and I am sure the creek that already was cleaned up, now has run off from the Iceport land, will have to be cleaned up by the taxpayers, of course. 


We have yet to get the bill for the redo of Mayor McCue’s glass room, sorry, City Hall remodeling!


I cut myself on Sunday and my blood was red not green! 


I find it odd that “NO” goals are being set for Lara Fritts. 


Whose responsibility would that have been?  Maybe instead of puppy shopping, the Mayor should spend more time actually working on the things he should be doing.  Mayor McCue, if you wish to spend most of your time at home, please quit your Mayor’s job!  We should all find it unacceptable to hand in an unfinished assignment!  Incompletes are just as bad as failures.


How will Lara Fritts, the city, and us know if she is meeting expectations or not with no goals?  She only has a one-year contract.  She reports directly to the Mayor.  So does that mean that the goals are known to the Mayor or will it be whatever he feels like it should be? 


I think that is unfair for both Lara Fritts and us!


I am including an excellent public forum letter to the editor that fits right in.


Economic development, high taxes don't mix


Posted: Feb. 17, 2009


Public Forum:


I must compliment the city of Cudahy for creating a brand new position, economic development director, at taxpayers' expense.  However, one must question whether throwing out more of the taxpayers' money is the best answer in light of the large price hikes that many business property owners experienced in 2008.


As a resident of a single-family dwelling, I was shocked at the huge increase in property taxes - approximately 20 percent - simply because the land my homes sits on is in a business district.


The property next to mine was once a business; today it remains unoccupied and for sale.


I certainly don't have the extensive education as the newly installed economic development director has, nor do I have a salary of $80,000 annually.  However, I do know that extensive economic development can never happen as long as the city of Cudahy extensively raises property taxes for land located in the business area.


Thomas V. Brunner


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