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Cudahy Wal-Mart 3-10-09 CDA Meeting

Cudahy, retail, Wal-Mart

Cudahy CDA Meeting Tuesday March 10, 2009


Item B1 on the agenda - Update, discussion, and action regarding Sportsites, LLC litigation.


Motion on the floor – To direct the Economic Development Director [Lara Fritts] to investigate a new concept from Continental Properties for development of the Meyer property a portion of which will be for a big box retailer without city financial contributions contingent upon the execution of pre-negotiation agreement between the CDA and the developer.


Motion passes with a 7-0


So, what does that mean?  The vote was to approve future talks and discussion of development of the Iceport site (which now people want to be called the Meyer site) with Continental Properties. 


I was not privy to some information, but a malfunction with the laptop projector quickly flashed the info on the wall. Pssst.  It’s a secret no more!


As it would seem with a Wal-Mart as the anchor.  If all goes well an open date of 02/2011.  From the look of a written out plan the site will have a few restaurants on the complex.  Maybe a Sonic?  Maybe an Applebee’s?


I have to say Thank you to the CDA and Sara Eberhardy for continuing to talk with hope this project will come to fruition as Cudahy needs the economic boost this project and others that will come along with it.


Most of Cudahy would like to see Wal-Mart come into Cudahy.  All of Cudahy would like to see the Iceport chapter read “The End”!  And most of Cudahy would like it if the taxpayers were not picking up the tab on the razing of the Iceport structure, paying for the fence around the Iceport, and cleanup of the contaminated land.

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