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Goat Lady In S. Milw. and the bird man in Cudahy


Here is some reader email.


Goat Lady - By now, it seems like everyone is familiar with her story.


However, there is a guy in Cudahy that is "going quietly into the sunset".


This man has dedicated his home and life to pet birds.  He was recently ordered to remove the birds from his home.


I know he has several birds that no one else wants.  I also know I can depend on him for any kind of bird support, no matter where I got the bird.  His knowledge and understanding of these creatures is an asset to the community.


Under a little known ordinance that now has Cudahy residents paranoid about letting anyone that is not in compliance into their home, this guy seems to be a target.


He is being rather quiet about it all and resigned to complying with the ordinance.  He is devastated and suffering sever financial loss as he tries to comply.


His web site is where you can read the ordinance. 


I have never met anyone who is more compassionate about pet birds and is willing to help anyone.


I was a recipient of one of his birds.  He donated the cage, bird, toys and food.  He will deliver supplies if I need them.  He has let me know that he will take the bird back for any reason and will provide food if I can't afford it.  I am disabled and cannot get out much.  His bird has been a valued companion and a very bright spot in my life.


I also understand that he has offered the same thing to people in service to our country and has shipped birds as far away as the upper peninsula for families in the military at no cost to them.


A man and his wife with such soft hearts deserve better when so much in our society is profit driven.  If he tells you he is making any money at this, he's lying.  No one could possibly make a penny doing what he is doing.


I am a proud person and felt like I was begging for a low cost companion when he offered what he offered.  He wouldn't take a cent.


Perhaps it's time to make this man's passion to bring joy into people's lives a little more public.


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