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Guest Blog - 2009 South Milwaukee School Board race

Guest Blog, School Board, South Milwaukee

As we are in full swing of the school board race, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those citizens that may not know about myself or background.


My name is Nick Szablewski, I am a 36 year old lifelong resident of South Milwaukee.  I am divorced parent with two daughters in the South Milwaukee School District.  My daughters are third generation family to go through the South Milwaukee system, with that being said, I feel I know the how the school district functions.  I have been a Buyer for the last 10 years.  I know how to research, analyze data, and present the findings and suggest options and costs to a board of directors.  I feel this makes me just as qualified a candidate as any other candidate.  


I would like to express my OPINION(s) about this school board race and some of the issues facing the school district.  Some of the candidates are advertising that they are "for change".  Anyone that has been to a Common Council or School Board meeting will know that ONE person cannot "change" anything.  Everything has to be introduced, and have a second member agree, a motion carried and then voted on, that one person would have to convince a majority of the board to implement any change, and I just don't see that happening with the diverse school board we have. 


I feel we have a good school board, but with electing a new person, it can bring new ideas and open up more opportunities and discussions.  I feel that on a non-partisan election, that endorsements are not really effective or should be considered when voting.  I personally, have been busy enough with family, work and this race that I have not attended any endorsement interviews, so one or two people interviewing, when there are four candidates, and receiving an endorsement seem like a hollow victory.  I agree with incumbent David Maass, that the financial issues are part of a larger problem in Madison. 


The Wisconsin School Public Relations Association has unveiled a proposal that could change how school districts receive money from the state and federal government, please see link for complete information ( ). 


The 13-page proposal (Click Here) has several elements, but the key to the plan is to target resources to the neediest children, keep down the cost to property tax-payers and ensure that no school district loses resources.


The proposal increased categorical aid for children with disabilities and special needs, for small, rural school districts, and for low-income students, sharpening the focus on funding for students who the state Supreme Court identified in the Vincent v Voight school funding decision in 2000. 


The proposal also reworks how annual per pupil increases are calculated, moving from a Consumer Price Index model to tying increases to a five-year rolling average of the state's personal income growth.  The School Finance Network believes this model more effectively aligns school district revenue with annual costs.  I feel the proposal could help the school districts, but in what time frame?


I feel the schools are safe, but without reviewing the safety and security procedures in place, I cannot say whether they may need adjustments. 


Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my opinions.  I can be emailed at, with comments or questions.  Please vote, every vote counts!


Nick Szablewski


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