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A Global Warming Puzzle/Riddle

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During the middle of February, we had a Milwaukee record high temperature that some alarmist of Global Warming now “PC’d” politically corrected as “Climate Change” made the point that the record high temperature was proof of Global Warming.  Sorry, “Climate Change”!


Was that change from Global Warming to “Climate Change” for “PC” reasons or to try to make us confused because data being released didn’t jive with the Earth Warming?  Thus invaliding their points and reasons!


They also tried to point out that some “Climate Change Deniers” pointed to the low temps in January as proof Global Warming AKA “Climate Change” was not happening.


So here is the puzzle or riddle.  Do record high temps of let say, 1890-1970, prove we were and are in a Global Warming AKA “Climate Change”?  So when we recorded a high temperature 105 degrees July 24, 1934 were we in a Global Warming AKA “Climate Change” then?


Here are some fun facts:

 Dust Bowl years - 1934-1936.  Many daily/all-time maximum temperature records still stand.  Highest temperature ever recorded in Wisconsin - 114 degrees on July 13, 1936 at the Wisconsin Dells.  The following is a list of major cities that set all time records for highest temperature.Oshkosh - 107 degrees - July 13, 1936 Appleton - 107 degrees - July 14, 1936 Madison - 107 degrees - July 14, 1936 Milwaukee - 105 degrees July 24, 1934 Green Bay - 104 degrees July 13, 1936   

Most consecutive days of 100 degrees or higher in Milwaukee - 4 days July 8 - 11, 1936.


Jay Weber’s Podcast March 6: It's more obvious than ever that Al Gore is a big fraud.  His tune on global warming has changed 15 times, yet people still hang on his every word.


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So by the fuzzy logic of the alarmist of Global Warming it is not a new trend (fad).  What about what Al Gore said we would all be dead in 10 years from it!


Isn’t it more likely that Earth, the Sun and the Solar winds have cyclical patterns?  I remember in elementary school in 1975-1979 being told that it was the next coming of the “ICE AGE”!  All the news was a rage of it!


I don’t think the weather men/ meteorologist (Scott Steele of channel 4 news is a friend of mine and we talk about this very thing) can accurately predict the seven day forecast (doesn’t stop them from trying).  So how can a computer model possibly get the next fifty years right when a seven day forecast can be predicted so wrong?


We are going to tax based on a faulty conclusion, sorry carbon credit, and cause undo strife and strain on our economic system based on Al Gore’s junk science.


Note - Carbon dioxide is only one of many greenhouse gases.


Then you have those that just call CO2 pollution and we need to do something about that!  OKAY.  Then oxygen is pollution as well.  See we breathe oxygen to survive (no shock there) and plants need CO2 to survive.  We need plants to survive.  What is the byproduct of humans breathing?  Oh, yeah CO2.  Now if we could only just get rid of that result.


Yes!  Maybe Al Gore can get President Obama to pour 50% of our GDP into finding away to change humans from releasing CO2 and a law requiring it to be done in ten years.


I fully understand that a balance has to be made.  I would like Al Gore or the alarmists of Global Warming to tell that to Hawaiian Volcano Kilauea not to erupt and spew CO2 AKA “pollution.”  Please also tell the deer, cows, moose, rabbits, bears, and other mammals to stop releasing methane (from their flatulence).


See we can never go back to horse and buggy because horses release methane.  Plus PETA would be upset.  Another leftist group!


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  What happens when we die?  Oh yeah, we release carbon and other pollutants.


Maybe Al Gore and his followers can stop the lighting from starting wildfires.  Now only if the tree huggers would not get in the way of reducing and thinning down brush and trees the wildfires manmade and nature made could be contained.  How much greenhouse gases are released during the fires?


While we are at it, could Al Gore stop the Sun from releasing solar flares Gamma-Ray and Neutron as they are extremely harmful!


Dr. Landscheidt identified in his report that the atmospheric CO2 concentrations appear to follow with a six month time lag variations in solar activity and corresponding temperature variations.  That would indicate that increases in CO2 concentration are caused by atmospheric warming resulting from solar activity, not that increases in the CO2 content of the atmosphere cause warming (or the heating-up of the sun).


The left wants us to go back to trains.  Yes, I can see it now Old Smokey, coal-fired steam engine.  NOPE, that will not make them happy either.


We are not saving the planet, because no matter what we do to it, Earth will still be here after we are gone.


Do we, as a species, need to concoct something every decade to fear or worry about?  Does the left need to create a boogieman every decade to have a reason for being or a cause to keep going?


Anti-intellectuals are always demonstrating how desperately they need to invent their own demons to throw stones at.  If you hate science so much then you should reject all of its benefits.


The very idea behind science is that nothing is proven, it's only supported.  Anyone who says something is proven or that they have proof of something, is not a scientist, nor are they thinking scientifically.  The basis behind science is to know nothing is concrete, because you can't understand or observe everything that happens.  That's why every "law" in science is referred to as a theory, and not a proof.  Mathematics has proofs, literature and languages have laws, science only has theories.


The moment science starts to stand on proofs, it stops being flexible and open enough to understand and observe things as they really are.  Science stands on a very malleable foundation that depends on the faith in the evidence that has been observed, interpreted, and supports what is believed to be true.  Theories are just hypothesizes that haven’t found evidence to disprove them yet.  Which is why a theory continues to evolve the more evidence is observed.


The only proven fact in science is that nothing can be proven, only disproven.  That is the only firm foundation of science.


The pace of mankind's knowledge expansion is almost frightening.


Man’s knowledge doubles every five or six years, but his wisdom takes much more!


I think modern society thinks it is superior to everything and everyone that came before it.  We are superior in the sciences and tools and technologies, but think about it...


So were those living in the 20th century compared to those in the 19th, who were to those in the 18th, and so on (there were periods in time where things didn't change for centuries, but the argument can always be made that things moved forward once they were generally known).  The tools we've developed in the last 4 decades have been incredible, and because we can do things that previous generations found difficult or impossible, we think we're “IT”.  I think the world is in for a rude awakening if we don't apply some common sense.


I will leave with these words:


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Global Warming Holy Grail


Jay Weber


March 11: Al Gore is finally called out for being a coward and not defending global warming.


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Milwaukee's weather could tie a more than century-old record today by warming up to a balmy 58 degrees before snapping back to February reality as the week wears on, according to the National Weather Service.


Saturday's record-setting high of 53 degrees was just a tease for what might be in store today: springlike weather with the promise of a warm spike unlike any seen on this date since 1876.


That is when Milwaukee last saw 58 degrees on Feb. 10.  Today's normal high is more along the lines of 31 degrees, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Borghoff.


Enjoy it while it lasts, though. That might be it for the records this week, Borghoff said, adding, "Unfortunately."


Wednesday maximum temperatures are expected to remain above freezing, with a high expected in the low 40s.  That comes, however, with a chance of rain that could morph to snow late Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.


Borghoff said of possible accumulation, "It doesn't look like we're going to see much of anything."


The weekend's high temperatures are expected to be in the lower 30s - but with mostly sunny skies, Borghoff said.


March 18: Is yesterday's high temp evidence of global warming?

Jay Weber Podcast


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