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Special Events Committee

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Instead of just focusing on the 4th of July with a committee, I think the Cudahy committee’s name and purpose needs to change and evolve to the Special Events Committee.


Changing to the Special Events Committee would allow that committee to work on Halloween, Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and July 4th.  There is much more than just the 4th of July to do.


Imagine if the city took an active role instead of a passive role for Christmas.  Yes, we have breakfast with Santa and 2008 was a good showing for it minus the Mayor not being there.  However, as a few people have suggested that the tree lighting ceremony be moved to the library on a Saturday and have a weekend celebration.  It makes it more community instead of city hallish (Hellish).  You know, stuffy!


You could have Christmas Carols. 

Have people buy ornaments to place on the tree. 

Have breakfast with Santa.

Maybe if there is snow a contest of create the best snowman.

Pay to throw a snowball at an elected official for charity.

Sell hot chocolate, coffee or tea.

Night sledding


Ice Skating

Seek donation money for horse and carriage rides.

Parade down Packard Ave.

See if local business would like to donate money for lights and decorations.  Create a synergy between the citizens, government and business.  The triad of trifectas’.


The committee could look at all of the holidays to make it more community in nature to get more community involvement.


There might be local businesses that would donate time or money let say for Halloween that currently do want to donate for July 4th.


Why put all the eggs in one basket and hardly nothing the rest of the year?  If you want to engage and encourage the citizens of Cudahy, start thinking outside the box.


Side Note – I was just emailed this:  Forming a civic celebrations committee is another campaign promise that Mayor McCue has not fulfilled!

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