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Guest Blog - Irked Cudahy Taxpayer

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Congratulations Cudahy taxpayers, you are the Winner!


As a taxpayer of Cudahy, CONGRATULATIONS, you have just won the grand prize in the city of Cudahy’s foreclosure action against Sportsites.  And here is what you get!


Once the city takes possession of the land, you, as a Cudahy taxpayer, OWN 1/8000th (roughly 8,000 households in Cudahy) OF THE SPORTSITES LAND, AND ALL THE COSTS OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANUP ASSOCIATED WITH IT!  Contaminated land: investigation, assessment and remediation!


Yes and the fun doesn’t just stop there.  Think of having to pay to teardown the structure.  Haul it away.  Test the soil.  Clean it up.  Cap it off!  Clean the wetlands behind it.  Fence it up!  Set money aside for lawsuits!  Pay the DNR fines!  Environmental Insurance and Contaminated Land Liability Insurance!  State and federal permits!  All paid for by you, the Cudahy Taxpayer.


While in the city’s hands, the land doesn’t pay taxes.  But who will repay the mortgage on the land or back taxes?  You, the taxpayer of course!


Even under the dunce, Mayor Raymond Glowacki, the city did not take possession of the contaminated land on the backside of the property, and it went through Cudahy Gateway Real Estate.  The city did not want to be in the chain of ownership, because then they would have been responsible for the clean up.  That was very smart of Mayor Raymond Glowacki!


Mayor Raymond Glowacki understood that the land has potential consequences when considering the redevelopment of contaminated brownfield sites.  Where the costs of remediation works are significant these costs might put off developers unless they can expect to get planning permission, which is likely to be sufficiently beneficial as to cover these costs.  The developer will want TIF Money!  Lots of it!


Don’t worry about risk versus reward.  Cudahy has the land back!


I will laugh when the RFPs come back with the best option and the only option is Wal-Mart!


Now, when Mayor Ryan McCue can triumph that the iceport is finally done, he can finish the sentence with the statement, "But you taxpayers are now on the hook!"  I am sure HE WILL NOT USE TIF MONEY TO CLEAN IT UP, since he is spending TIF money on everything else, including buying a polluted tannery site to put Edgerton Avenue through!  TIF = Taxes Is Free!!!


Since the city now owns the known contaminated land, the potential civil liability for damage resulting from migrating pollution.  If a landowner (the city) should have foreseen the consequences of any migrating pollution, they will be liable for any damage caused without any further proof of fault or negligence being required; potential criminal liability for offences resulting from migrating pollution.


May be with your new tax bill, they could insert an ad that if you wanted to buy a rusted beam to remember this project by (hey...  the made a mint selling frozen tundra!!), we could raise more money for the city that the Mayor could continue to spend it foolishly.


Everyone, every Cudahy taxpayer is now on the hook for this contamination!  We could place one of these beams in everyone’s front yard!  Thus, when you drove down any street in Cudahy, the iceport would be with all of us!


P.S.  You would have been better off winning the Canadian National Lottery, than owning a piece of contaminated land in Cudahy.


Wal-Mart and the developer were and are willing to foot the bill, but a big Thank you for substituting your own personal agenda for that of the best interests of the city goes out to Mayor McCue.  This project and the cleanup could have been well on its way!  Now the Cudahy taxpayers will foot the bill.  It will cost an arm, leg, hand, and foot all because Mayor McCue couldn’t use his head!  Another blown opportunity!  Another example of how dumb Mayor McCue is!  He truly is the wrong person for the job of Cudahy’s Mayor!!


Feel free to use this one as a guest blog!!  I think everyone in Cudahy would enjoy a good laugh!!


Irked Cudahy Taxpayer

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