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Cudahy "Cute-Sifying" Downtown

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In a time of cuts, job freezes and reductions, it takes guts to just say NO!  It takes guts to make the necessary cuts!


Now that might sound heartless.  But should Cudahy, this year, spend money on 15 baskets of hanging flowers to "Cute-Sifying" Downtown?


How much money are we talking?  $4,500.00 for 15 Summer Flower Baskets.


The cost does include maintenance (watering and fertilizing), the basket and coconut holder (both which can be reused).


Who will do the maintenance (watering and fertilizing)?  KEI (Kujawa Enterprises, Inc) of Oak Creek


They will utilize six employees I am told.


I just don't see flower baskets in downtown on 15 light poles as something that the city should spend money on.


TIF MONEY.  All of a sudden, TIF money is easy money to spend.  Want something, just charge it to the TIF.  It is very much like a credit card.  So easy to use and abuse!  So easy, too easy.  Too easy Mayor McCue.


Just think of the GEICO Car Insurance commercial with cavemen.  Just let your mind wonder.


Cudahy is going to nickel and dime the residents to death.


We need a complete audit of the TIF district(s) to where the money is going!  Audit it now!


At the CDA meeting, Alderman Joe Mikolajczak was the lone person to vote against it.


I wish at the CDA meetings, the public in attendance could ask questions.


Could they be stolen?


Could they be vandalized?


Is there a guaranty that comes with the flowers if they die?


How secure to the polls will they be?  Will a bad windstorm knock them over?


Can wind suck the flowers out of the pots easily?


How high are they going to be?  Mainly so people don’t use them as ashtrays or for rubbish?


Now don’t get me wrong.  I love flowers, but I don’t think as the city looks at possible not hiring police or firemen to replace those retiring to spend money on flowers.  There will be plenty of flowers at Cudahy’s funeral if things don’t improve economically in Cudahy.  I don’t think 15 baskets of flowers are going to help Cudahy economically


Why not seek business donations and have a stick with a sign of the business sticking out of the top of the flower instead of on the pot (where the plant will easily grow over) or on a website.


This should get stimulus money.  Don't you think this would qualify?


Please don't forget at the one and only "Meet the Mayor" last year, the Mayor stated our beautification projects are coming along and we have a whole host of new world class amenities added to downtown.  Flowerpots!!!!


Rather than using TIF money for these kinds of things, or expanding projects outside the TIF like they just did, why does the council not reduce the borders of the TIF, bring it inward, to put some of this land fully back on the general tax rolls?  That is about the only way to stop this foolishness!


Update - At the Tuesday March 17, 2009 Common Council meeting the plan to "cuteisfy" the city went forward 4-0.  Alderman Mikolajczak was not there for the vote do to illness.  To their credit, they asked for bids though.  Which means the KEI may not be doing the project.


Please Contact your Alderperson and the Mayor to let them know how you feel about buying flowers in a time of economic hardship.


District One Joe Mikolajczak


District Two Mary Schissel


District Three Mark Otto


District Four Jason Litkowiec


District Five Thomas Pavlic


Mayor Ryan McCue




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