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Is the Public's Interest Waning?

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As I look at my numbers of views on the city, Mayor and Wal-Mart blogs – NO!  They are still very high in people looking.


Could some people look at this and say, “What can I do?”  Sure, I think the thought of you cannot fight city hall coupled with people accepting McCue’s non-answer of I have outside council some will and have just move on.  After all the CDA and Common Council has authorized the RAZING of the building.


In less than 60days the city will own the land back, maybe!


There is an auction and some talk about bidding 30 Million Dollars. 


McCue said the city can bid on the property for about $30 million, but Eberhardy said a decision has yet to be made by either the Community Development Authority or the Common Council on such a bid.


I thought the City was getting the land, free and clear?  So we have to buy it?  Taxpayers paying for this land?  Okay Mayor you spoke in public explain the 30 Million Dollars for the land!


There are people out there that say, the fat lady has already sung her swan song of goodbye.  Just accept it that the City will get the land back for $30,000,000 of taxpayer’s money!


That is exactly what McCue wants.  I can hear him agree right now while he reads this.  He wants people to put this behind him and just feel okay.


Wrong answer!  Stand up and fight.


That is the wrong action and message to send!  People, we do not have to accept this.  If you keep demanding, he will have to give a real response.  Why are we paying for this land to have to pay again and clean it up?


Yes, at some point, we can move on, most likely with a new Mayor who sees the picture, the big picture.  One who understands that the job of Mayor means that you must do what is best for the city, not just what you think, but also the direction the people want. 


It means more than putting in x amount of hours, but make those hours count!


It means that full time is full time, not the full time you learn in county government, the kind of full time you have as the Mayor of a city!


It means that when you make a mistake you own up to it and fix it!


Ask yourself this question – What has McCue done as Mayor?  Then minus out the many things that maybe McCue has taken credit for that the previous council started or has been working on.  What do you have left?


All of this time, energy and money invested in McCue as Mayor, is it worth it?


I hear there is interest for the Wal-Mart in nearby cities. 


I hear there is interest in the Wave from Greenfield and Brown Deer.


I hear there is interest for other Cudahy companies from many of our near by cities.  That way McCue can build his condos without problems from businesses.


Cudahy “Land of Condos”


How much of McCue can the city of Cudahy afford to handle?


If this were sports, he would have been traded by now.  Maybe it is three strikes and your out!


Taken from 2008- In the Milwaukee Business Journal from Friday, Cudahy is ready for hotel, convention center Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue is making the case that the General Mitchell International Airport area needs......


Correct me if I am wrong, didn’t the Cudahy Station have a hotel and convention center?  Did it not just get voted down?  So McCue thinks that is what Cudahy needs.  Well duha?


I think I have figured something out.  If we make McCue think he came up with Cudahy Station all on his own, he just might vote for it!  This Mayor is an egomaniac.


Looks like he needs to see his name behind the word Mayor, needs to be the one coming up with the ideas, and he might just be the type to take credit for others work or ideas.




Take a look at this - Moving to Milwaukee from Chicago


A lot of the suburbs on the inner ring are older and more established, so new housing stock is more limited.


I would say FRANKLIN again would be a great bet as there is quite a bit of new housing construction still occurring there (very rapidly growing, nice suburb - big landmass).  Muskego has some new construction, as do the Lake Country suburbs (Pewaukee, Delafield, etc.).


No mention of Cudahy but look - FRANKLIN (Wal-Mart), Pewaukee (Wal-Mart), Delafield (Wal-Mart), and Muskego (Wal-Mart)


Another pointer to how Wal-Mart may not be the killer of cities people make it out to be!


A smart man listens to advice.  A wise man takes the advice.


On a final note, could Wal-Mart and others be playing me?  Have me do the dirty work of others while they stay clean?  Aren’t they all pleased to see citizens do their dirty work?


Sure!  But someone has to do it.  Has anyone thought that Cudahy could play Wal-Mart for many things?  Paying for Police Officers salaries, donation of money for new playgrounds, lights, sidewalks, stoplights, or donation of school supplies to the schools.  Wal-Mart has deep pockets and we should use them or tap that resource.


In this economic crunch, can the city taxpayers afford to fit the bill for the “raze” and cleanup?  And now purchase the land via the bidding process!


All of that are just 30 million reasons why Wal-Mart should be the one on the hook not the Cudahy Taxpayers!


Here is what someone said about and to me:


“I encourage CudahyNOW blogger Randy Hollenbeck to look a little deeper into his actions, and hopefully see how he and his supporters were being used and played around with by Continental Properties and Wal-Mart on the Cudahy Station proposal.”


I have said that Wal-Mart could be playing both sides – That was with Continental Properties and Cobalt Partners.  Could I get burned by talking to Wal-Mart & Co?  Yes, and the same is true when I talk in public and private with the city personnel.  I just know I will not be the one lighting the match, so to speak.


If you knew me personally, you would know I will not be played like a cheap piano, I am a leader and don’t let people tell me what to do.  I fully understand how to be a TEAM player, but I am not being played.  They cannot be played if you choose to participate.


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