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Keira Knightley In an Anti-Domestic Violence Commercial

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****Warning – The commercial is very graphic and may not be suitable for younger audiences or those who might be offended.


Keira Knightley Brutally Beaten for Charity


British actress Keira Knightley is the star of a new ad campaign, aimed at bringing awareness to domestic violence.  The advertisement will run on over-15 movies and on television after the watershed.  It is directed by Atonement director Joe Wright.


In the ad, it shows Knightley returning home after being on a film set, only to be beaten by her partner.  The camera then pans out as the beating continues, revealing a film set.  The advert was made by Grey London.


Knightley speaks over the commercial, saying, "Domestic violence affects one in four women at some point in their lifetime.”  The slogan then is "Isn't it time someone called cut?”  The ad begins airing today in the UK.




****Warning – The commercial is very graphic and may not be suitable for younger audiences or those who might be offended.


In the wake of Chris Brown and Rihanna altercation earlier this year in which domestic violence was brought to the forefront, I am glad to see some light being shed on this subject!


I feel strongly against Domestic Violence or any physical violence for that matter.  That is not to say I would not defend myself or my family nor is it saying I have not been in my share of bar fights.  I am saying that I think Domestic Violence whether physical, mental or verbal is wrong!


I have never raised my hand to my wife or child and am very troubled by those that do.  I am very bothered by violence of children, that after the third season of Law and Order SVU I stopped watching after the show started to be come overwhelming violent against children.


Again, this is very graphic and might be too disturbing for some to watch!


Keira Knightley filmed an incredibly graphic and hard-hitting anti-domestic violence commercial -- and, WARNING, it's really hard to watch.  She Gets Beat Up ... So You Won't


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Warning, click on the video only if you feel you can handle it!  It is graphic and disturbing!


Please, if you know someone or you find yourself in a Domestic Violence situation, please seek help.  People that show true LOVE do not have to resort to violence to show it!


I have listed a few websites that can help and contain more information on the subject.


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