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WWII Nose Art and Plane Painting

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If you ever get the chance to visit Washington D.C and Smithsonian Museum of National Air and Space Museum, you will find Martin B-26 Marauder called “Flak Bait”.


My grandfather was a tail gunner and bombardier on that plane.  Recently looking at old photos of WWII most notably D-day, I started to think about Nose Art and plane painting.


My thoughts quickly were saddened that in a world run amok of “PC” we will not see many of the pictures and could not even think of doing it now.  Sexist would be thrown out!


Please take the time to look at the website I have listed below and some of the pictures of the art and think about our history and where we are going!


I would have posted them, but those who just want to complain and find objectable and offensive things would complain to Mark Maley.


So, I will not post them and my rights of free speech are diminished. 


These same people would love to have the bloody pictures I am sure wiped clean because they might be offensive.  Yes, change the whole history of things!  In the end, those “PC” people will have diminished more than our rights and freedoms!  They will have diminished the sacrifices those that fought and came before us.  They will have diminished our future and that of our children.


My niece told me that in school she is taught, “Practice makes progress not perfection!”  She told me that her teacher said you cannot be perfect, so don’t try! 


Oh yeah remember teachers are not suppose to be political just like Mayors, Alderman and school board members.  All nonpolitical positions!  All non-partisan positions!  Yeah, right!  Ideology is in the core beliefs of all.


Pictures here


C-47 "Lady Luck"


C-47 "Ready 4 Duty"


EC-135 "Nasty Stuff" Avionics Test Bed


EC-135 "Bird of Prey" Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (ARIA)


"Widow Maker"


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