Global Warming, Fact? Fiction?....YES

Ok, so here’s the deal….   
If you are a good republican (conservative) you believe that global warming is a farce, and that there is no scientific evidence to support the claims that the worlds warming has much to do with humans producing carbon gasses. 
If you are a good democrat (liberal) you believe that humans, in their industrialization of the earth over the last however many years, are contributing greatly to the accelerated warming of the earth.   Here is where the tricky part comes in…. they are both right, and they are both wrong.Yea, I said it…. The OTHER side can actually be right about something.  The facts are out there, you just have to be open minded enough to go get them. And not form a partisan source. And by that I mean from actual scientific studies.

A lot of times people fall in to political alignment and just go along with what the others in that party believe, and it doesn’t matter what evidence is out there to support otherwise. They will pick up on something that is either said mistakenly from the other side and key in on that or take it out of context and redistribute it as fact. 

The earth IS warming. Any debate on that fact is basically non existent. The debate is… Why is it warming?, What is causing it? Is the warming even significant?   The fact is, we are still coming out of the last ice age. Therefore by definition, the earth is warming up. It is also true that Mars is also coming out an ice age and it too is experiencing global warming…. Yes, global warming is occurring there without humans.In fact there are studies that suggest that global warming is happening across our solar system.   On the other side of the coin, you have to ask yourself “Why are all these scientist saying that we are causing global warming?” Well the answer is both simple and complicated.

The fact is that we ARE contributing to global warming; any Animal that lives and breathes is contributing to global warming. In fact, that isn’t even all, even when you die, you contribute to global warming just by decomposing. All organic matter that decomposes creates carbon gasses.

Sheesh, we can’t do anything right, this is like being married. 

Man-made and natural carbon dioxide (CO2) comprises 99.44% of all greenhouse gas concentrations. (Dr. S. Fred Singer, atmospheric physicist
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia, and former director of the US Weather Satellite Service; in a Sept. 10, 2001 Letter to Editor, Wall Street Journal)

Pretty convincing right?   Except, in the same letter he writes that water vapor which is 95-100% natural is not taken into account for all the global warming debates, is directly responsible for 95% of all greenhouse gases. Factor in the natural disasters such as volcanoes, lightning strike forest fires, and decaying algae in the oceans and humans are directly related to 3.618 of the total of Co2 gasses, which are only among many gasses thought to make up the global warming cocktail. And just to throw a more surprising number at you, in the end this study suggest that we are really responsible for just 0.117% of all global warming. 

I understand that this is just one study, and I understand that you guys could pull up a billion studies from other sources that contradict and paraphrase these numbers as well.


This is a never-ending battle. And the fact is, neither side really knows what the real situation is.   Now, I do believe that we have a responsibility to leave our planet in a better condition than we found it, our children deserve it.


I don’t however believe, and I actually refuse to go thru each day apologizing for being human. Anyone that wants to say that Bush lied to us and sent us into Iraq using information that he didn’t know was correct, or anyone that says Bush was using scare tactics by tying the 9/11 tragedies to Iraq needs to be  freaking out about this. (and believe me, I’m not far off that bandwagon myself) Al Gore is doing that exact same thing, except he is trying to tell us that we are the weapons of mass destruction.He is trying to convince us that we need to spend billions of dollars on a mission that we don’t even know is justified. And he is trying to scare us into believing that global warming is going to wipe out the earth.

Sounds pretty similar to me.

Are you guys really willing to spend trillions of dollars to offset a global situation that we don’t even know for sure really exist? Not me.


For anyone interested, do your own research and find out about the carbon offsets that you can purchase, also look into Al Gore and the fact that all the carbon offsets that he wants you to buy are from a company named Generation Investment Management, This is a company that he founded, partially owns, and is the chairman.  That to me is like Bill Gates telling me that Apple is evil and we should all stick to Windows because Apple is going to destroy the earth. 

Here is where I stand on this situation;


I want to help the environment as much as the next guy.But I am not going to spend my hard earned money on something that in reality, we don’t know about.  And let’s look at the extremes as well, if we could really change the global climate just by trying harder, what’s going to stop us from changing it too far in the other direction, “overcorrecting.”What would Al Gore say if we trigger the onset of Global Freezing? Is a “Whoops my bad” good enough? Or how about when we don’t go thru all this global warming correction, and the temperatures cool off on their own, is a “Guess we didn’t need to do all that anyway, but we were playing it safe” good enough?
It wasn’t good enough when George Bush was “playing it safe” 

Let’s look at everything in moderation here; I have no problem with people pursing the carbon neutral life if they want to not impact the environment.  When I have the overwhelming proof that I am causing global warming, I will go in that direction as well.

Until then, I will just go with the theory of… All I know is that we don’t know.  I guess if we really want to get away from global warming we will have to go to Mars… Oh wait.. that won’t work either will it?

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