The economy can't be that bad.... can it?


So, yesterday, the stock market closed at its lowest point since 1997.

The unemployment rate is at 7.6 % and is "expected to peak" at about 9%

Food pantries, and soup kitchens are at capacity

The Presidents ratings are starting to slip, But the economy cant really be that bad could it?

If it really was, then how could we be pledging $900 Million to help rebuilt Gaza?

Guys, I don't get it... If my family were going hungry, I sure wouldn't be sending money to someone around the world instead of feeding them.

It seems to me, the help should be in concentric rings emanating at YOUR HOME. You help YOUR family, YOUR friends, then your neighbors, then your local community, State, Country... and Only then should we be giving away out tax dollars to another country. 

Are we prepared to leave OUR people without food, and unemployed just so we can be keep up the humanitarian facade? Looks like the answer is yes, we are... or should I say "Yes, we can"

I'm now losing faith in you Mr. President. I feel like we are going back to the same old same old, Government as usual.

When are we going to see that this whole "Save the world" attitude, isn't working anymore. Lets pull the guys into the ship that are treading water around us before we sail somewhere else to help a sinking ship (not that Gaza is a sinking ship but in this context, it fits the analogy)

Hey, I'm all for saving the whales, and the dolphins, and the wolves, and the hungry in other countries and the little men on Pluto (they have to be feeling really bad, they don't even belong to a planet anymore)

But it has to start at HOME. lets fix US before we fix anyone else. I think we are already stretched a bit thin, and we need to start worrying about what we need, and then what we want.

I have come to the conclusion in my head, that either the economy isn't as bad as our government wants us to believe (because then it would look like a greater achievement when it is fixed) or This new regime is just as bad at spending as the last one.... or two.... or 6

Maybe the media should just start saying that the economy is fine... nothing to worry about.

wouldn't that put people at ease, and get them out to "Stimulate" the economy a bit more, in reality.. this did all start with the media talking about how bad its going to get. people get scared, start pulling their money out of the banks and hiding it under their mattress.

I don't know, I think this is going to be a roller coaster for a while.

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