Love to my fellas on this Valentine's Day

Today is that day when cynical-about-love me usually says “bah, humbug.” But then I was reminded of how much my family loves me.


As I was leaving the house this morning, I found my little brother had left me a Valentine’s Day gift – a set of Disney princess Pez dispensers. I “ooohed” profusely as I admired the dozen or so plastic beauties. Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, even Pocahontas, would soon be in my hands, ready to spit candy from their necks and into my mouth.


Growing up I had a Pez collection. By the time I reached college, I had amassed nearly 100 of the little plastic candy dispensers – more than I could ever possibly use or display anywhere. But when it came to Pez princesses, my collection was at zero. Until today. 


When I arrived at school this morning, my colleague shared the experience of her Valentine’s Day morning with me. Her daughters woke her up at 6:30 a.m. screaming “Happy Valentine’s Day!” at the top of their little lungs.


Her story reminded me of Valentine’s Days when I was a little girl. It was the holiday that was extra special because it was defined by Dad. He always bought flowers for Mom and a special gift for me. One year he gave me a unicorn poster. The vibrant, beautiful image of a unicorn wandering deep into a lush forest hung on my wall for many years.


Another Valentine’s Day gift from Dad was a mobile that consisted of shimmery silver owls. The owls bobbed and slowly swayed as they hung gently from the ceiling. Their shiny coats cast rainbows from reflected sunbeams onto nearby walls. I woke up and fell asleep to those owls for more than 25 years as they moved with me from my childhood to my adult bedroom.


As I got older, Dad got more traditional with Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers and candy, but he always thought of me on this day. It looks like my brother is following Dad’s example.


I always thought of myself as unlucky when it comes to love. But it seems the two most important men in my life are thinking of me on Valentine’s Day. And that makes me a pretty lucky gal. 

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