The setup: Part II

For those of you who are keeping score: charming old pal + pretty co-worker = MAYBE

It took all the restraint I could muster to stay away from Mama De Marinis last Tuesday night during the blind date between a charming old pal and a co-worker of mine. But I kept the wig and trench coat in the trunk and let fate take its course.

Here’s what my post-date sleuthing has turned up:

Conversation = above average
Laughter = above average
Attraction = above average

Both seem interested in a second date. But who will make the next move? Both seem hesitant.

I’m not a patient gal. And I do not follow dating “rules” that dictate making the person you like wait a certain number of days before/after calling or going out. However, it seems things are now out of my hands and I’m therefore stuck waiting for the phone to ring.

If I do get the chance to recommend or set up a second date, I think Carol’s suggestion of a night out at Chill on the Hill at Humboldt Park would be perfect: charming old pal + pretty co-worker + blanket + bottle of wine + good music in the park … that’s got to be a recipe for success.

Stay tuned for updates.

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