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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Do you like to go ice skating?

Lately. when you drive on our roads you think that you are on a ice skating pond. Ice skating can be a lot of fun on a lake or on a pond in the park, but not when you are driving on main streets of town. There has to be a better way of salting and/or sanding our streets in the winter. I know that the cost of salt has really increased in price, but is it worth a few lives to skimp on needed salt on our roadways. If you must save on money, then at least use generic kitty litter on the roads; but don't jeopardize our lives just to save a little money. If you drive today you will need a good health and auto insurance policy to keep on living on these unsalted roadways. Talk to your mayor or to your alderman about how our roads are today. Let them know how you feel about them saving money to jeopardizing our lives. If it is too cold for salt, then some sand might make the roads a bit safer. It is no fun to have an accident due to icey conditions in this weather. Buckle up and drive slower according to the traffic conditions where you are. Dress warm and carry a warm blanket in the car for any emergency. Watch out for frost bite with your family in this cold weather. Always make sure that you have enough gas in your car. A half empty tank can freeze up if it is cold enough outside. Make sure that you have anti-freeze that is up to standard, to prevent a cracked block. Always keep your  windows free of ice and snow so you can see where you are going. only drive as fast as you can safely stop your car. Save a life by driving carefully. Alow extra time to get home in icey conditions. If you feel that car is starting to spin or lose control, then let up on the gas petal and you can restore balance in your steering. If you brake too hard, you could head into a ditch. Get home in one piece and your family will be very happy to see you.

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