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Activist Frank Blair wrote this:
"I was interested in how large the Federal debt is at present (now that Congress has given us more reason to worry about such things) so I clicked on to  THIS LINK

There I got not only the info I was after but a whole new opportunity to find out just what it costs to run our government along with a variety of links which really opened up a bonanza which is most valuable...or should be to any citizen who pays taxes.
If you are not terribly interested just let me report that the Federal tab is as of this date (10-4-08), 10.1 Trillion dollars!!  I'm not certain if this amount represents the 700 billion given to Wall Street.  If anyone knows please let us know!   Oh yes, for added pleasure let me report that the interest on the debt which the Treasury pays annually is 406 billion bucks.
The Federal debt is something we all should worry about for the simple reason that it must be REPAID at some point to our CREDITORS, chiefly China and Japan.   Congress allows the debt limit to rise annually, otherwise the goverment would have to shut down.   This debt will be paid by your and my grandkids and their children for as long as it takes.  The debt is not just a figure that we can forget.   
As long as the US is at WAR we will pay out more and more (and be forced into borrowing more).

Is this the legacy we want to leave?"


10/05/08 update: Go to the GOOGLE on the Interwebz and enter the text "stock injection plan bail out" and see links about the best bail out solution for WE THE PEOPLE. Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury could choose this idea, but then the Wall Street & Bank Thieves as well as Cheney/Bush would have him killed* (made to look like a car accident or a suicide). The Stock Injection Plan makes we low income and working class citizens OWNERS of the banks.

* The best explanation/illustration of how the American Political Parties and the corporations they serve murder well known people is in the movie MICHAEL CLAYTON.

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