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First things first: My friends who run the Milwaukee Short Film Festival will be showing two programs on Saturday, November 8th at the Alchemist Theatre in Bay View.

The first show will be the Best of the Milwaukee Short Film Festival volume 2 and will start at 4:30 PM. Running time is about 90 minutes. There will be an intermission with music by Ku Mays in the lounge.

The second program will be the re-play of the 10th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival. This program will start around 7:00PM and run about 90 minutes.

Each showing is $10.00 or both for $17.00.

Now on to this subject at hand:

As the late, great Hunter S. Thompson wrote: "A word to the wise is infuriating."

Now that the election is over (except for Al Franken) the work for a non-fascist USA is (maybe) about to begin.

Will the last eight years of federal imbalance and extraordinary & destructive Presidential Power end or be continued? None of the candidates promised to restore that insanity, save Dennis Kucinich.

Will the truth about what actually happened on 9/1101 come out?

Will the facts on how AIPAC controls USA foreign & defense policy be revealed & changed?

Will the advisory sales tax referendum to shift County Public Transportation, Parks & Emergency Medical Service off the property tax actually become law and Scotty Walker's veto be overridden? Will Scotty be recalled and finally forced to attend college?

Will the Aurora Health doctor who maimed and crippled me be prevented from hurting more people he is paid to help?

Since we are now a socialist republic, will I get my cut of the trillions made by the Wall Street gamblers who raked in trillions of dollars by betting against the American economy?

Will John McRage sell some of his homes to repay campaign debt.

Will Sarah Arctic Mooseshooter replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck on THE VIEW and will Todd open a national chain of "snow machines" ?

Will devout followers of Saint Reagan ever realize that his reign led to American fascism and now American socialism?

Tune in soon and have these and other pressing questions answered (or not) because this revolution WAS televised.

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