Why my daughter is memorable

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My daughter recently completed all day K4, at Burdick Elementary, and (gasp!)  my baby's getting older!!  We have been very pleased with the school, and just blown away by the dedication, energy, and enthusiasm of all the teachers we have worked with over the past year.  They're just a great group of people.  To them I give my deepest thanks.

So, on the last day of school, my daughter's teacher sends home her final "end of the year" newsletter.  It contained the normal niceties, thank you's, etc., and then came the part that caught my eye.  My daughter's teacher listed how she would remember each of the children in the class.  Time for a quick sidenote:

I leave for work well before my husband takes our daughter to school on his way to work.  I used to set out her clothes for the next day every night, carefully color coordinating her outfits down to her socks, shoes, and hair clips.  I gave that up about half way through the school year, when I decided that hubby was capable of selecting color coordinated outfits, and getting her to school in a somewhat decent state.  Boy was I wrong!    OK, back to the story now...

So, as I am reading her cute memories of each child, "So thoughtful with a shy smile," "Always my little helper," I started to think about what she would say about our daughter.   She is the youngest in the class, and definitely one of the most precocious.  She's quite smart, has a great sense of humor, and is very outgoing.  As I scan down the alphabetical list to find my daughter's name, here's what I found next to her name- "Her unique sense of style."  What?!  Seriously!?  With all of the choices the teacher could pick from, my husband's lack of fashion sense sticks in her memory?!  Looks like I'm back to laying out the clothes next year...

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