I can't even make this stuff up...

odd and unusual

It's in situations like this that I'm so glad I have a blog! 

Today Hubby goes into the bathroom to do his business and emerges 2 seconds later, looking traumatized.  This is unusual behavior from a man who considers the bathroom his throne, and spends as much time on it as I will let him.

Hubby:  "Honey, you have to come see this!"

Me:  "Ummm.... What?"   I'm thinking what could he show me in the bathroom that I could possibly want to see.

Hubby:  "No, seriously, you need to come and look in the toilet."   

Hubby is still looking visibly shaken, so I walk into the bathroom, where I find a dead chipmunk in the toilet!!!!!  In my house, in the 2nd floor bathroom!!! 

Oh......My.......God.......  I am so disgusted.

While Hubby makes a big to-do about fishing the thing out of the toilet, my mind turns to the next obvious question.  How the heck did that thing get in my house?  We have a nice house, in good condition, with no openings to the outside that I am aware of.  I have cats, and a dog who loves to chase the chippers in the yard.  How did this thing get in, and get all the way to the second floor of my house, and manage to drown itself in my toilet without being observed?  And finally, are there more lurking around?  I am so wierded out by this- we have never even had a mouse in the house, and now a suicidal chipmunk?!

And the strangest part about all of this?  Just this morning Hubby and I were working in the garden and found a chipmunk hole, right under our tomatoes (which are finally starting to turn red, BTW).  Hubby was holding the garden hose at the time, and joked about sticking it into the hole to "drown the little bugger-" which he didn't do, and apparently didn't need to.

How prophetic! 


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