Grocery Store Ettiquette

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Is it just at Woodman's?  Or is grocery store idiocy rampant?  Today I finally had enough!  Forget road rage, I have GROCERY SHOPPING RAGE!!!!! 

When you are shopping in a crowded grocery store, there are several rules one should follow:

#1) Starting in the parking lot- when you are walking to and from the store, please do not walk in the middle of the road, oblivious to all around you.  Go over to the side or some day I might just hit you, and whose fault would it really be?

#2) Quickly and efficiently get a cart as you enter the store, and do NOT stop to get your coupons out and block the entire aisle.  Pull over to the side- I do not want to wait while you get yourself organized.

#3)  Be aware of the width of aisles and do not block them by leaving your cart in the middle while you select your food.  You are not the only one in the store, please remember that and be considerate. And yes, I'm the person who moved your cart over so that others (including myself) could pass through.

#4) If you need extra time selecting an item, please do not stand directly in front of it so that noone else can politely reach in and get what they need.  Again, there are others here who don't want to spend 3 hours getting groceries.

#5) Walk with purpose through the store.  They are not a park, and there is no need to meander through them.

#6) Get off your damn cell phone and quit talking so loud.  And if you need to talk to someone who's shopping with you, there is no need to yell halfway down the aisle, asking if you need a can of peas.  Walk a few steps and then ask, is it really that hard? 

Phew! I feel a little better... 

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