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This past week has been hectic because I was finishing up a class.  Now that I have a few free weeks I can get back to reporting on some great places to try out. 

Yesterday I stopped with my mom for lunch at the Charcoal Grill on 27th and just south of Puetz.  I've never been in one before and was surprised to see the butcher there.  The menu has a lot to choose from but the food we got was just OK.  My mom got the Italian burger and I got a chicken breast sandwich.  I did see that they have 2 good options on the menu for a light lunch - one was for soup, salad, and a small bread loaf, and the other was for soup, cheese pieces, apple slices, and a small loaf of bread.  I'd like to try one of those the next time I go there.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the Azteca restaurant that is located in the BP on Marquette and 10th Avenue (South Milwaukee) is moving to the fuchia/purple building on 9th and Milwaukee.  You know the one - it was the latest Chinese restaurant that came and went in South Milwaukee.  Azteca's food is pretty good and they have good specials each day.  Once they get in their new location and have a large dining room and big kitchen, I think that they will do great!  I certainly will go visit them.  They are to open there around February 1st.  In the mean time they are still open at the gas station.

I stopped at Chevy's one Saturday and got a large hot chocolate.  I didn't have time to stop to eat but I wanted to pick up their menu.  It's really a cute little place.  Their prices are really really good.  The large hot chocolate was $1.40 and their most expensive item is ther Chevy Cheese Steak (made with a boneless/skinless chicken breast) for $6.95.  I had tried to get there on a Sunday but they were closed.  My mom stopped on a different Sunday.  She knocked on the door and the owner said that they are working on getting Sunday hours soon.  I'd like to stop there in the summer on a Sunday afternoon.  Chevy's is located at 1309 Milwaukee Ave in South Milwaukee.

In my next blog I get creative - I'm going to send out my mom and her friends to check out a restaurant for me.  I had mentioned them before as one of my "secret sources".  When before I had asked her opinion on places we had both been to separately, this time I'm going to "report" her experience with her friends which I'm going to dub the "Senior Sleuths".  I think they will get a kick outta that.

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