Can I Get A Cup of Coffee To Go?

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Every workday I drive by the empty storefronts along Milwaukee Avenue (in So. Milwaukee) and wonder why one of them isn't a drive through coffee place like Dunn Brothers, or dare I say ...Starbucks?  South Milwaukee may not seem savvy enough for a Starbucks, but I know if there was a specialty coffee shop that serves coffee fast as I am on my way to work, I would certainly frequent the place. 

I noticed a new cafe that is about to open on 10th Avenue (the old Grebe's - Yea!!!) and I hope that they can fill part of this need.  McDonald's certainly provides morning coffee quickly, and many gas stations too.  But it really would be nice to have a drive through alternative to McDonalds.

I hear that Dunkin' Donuts wants to open by the new Aldi's on the south side of South Mlwaukee and I'm really happy about it.  I just wish they had picked the downtown area to locate it - and include a drive through.  I don't drive south out of town when I go to work and I suspect not too many people do. Most of us are headed to Milwaukee to work.

Until then I'll continue to brew my own at home - and hope!  

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