Where are you Applebee's?

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My boyfriend and I usually go to Applebee's for a pre-movie snack when we go see a movie.  I remember the first time going there that there was no sign out front, and although I knew where it was, I almost passed up the driveway.  That's because it's not marked and there are trees right at that corner, so if you aren't paying attention coming from our side of town and turning south on 13th street from Rawson, you really can't see the restaurant before it's time to turn into the parking lot.  We had a little laugh at that the first time we almost missed it.

Here's a funny story...The Senior Sleuths couldn't find it either!  My mom's group of friends, which I've written about before and dubbed the Senior Sleuths, had a collective senior moment when they wanted to go there for lunch last week after seeing a movie and they drove right by it!  Part of the problem was that they really didn't know if it was at Rawson Avenue or College Avenue, and part of the problem is that there is no sign out front!  As my mom was telling the story, I couldn't stop laughing!  Imagine the confusion inside the car with several ladies all pointing in different directions and trying to tell the poor confused driver where to go!  Of course, this could have gotten dangerous because then they were doing u-turns and starting and stopping.  In the end, they went to a different restaurant and I'm sure they ended up a little upset at themselves.  Mom, forgive me, I just had to write about it!

Conclusion:  For safety reasons, Applebee's needs a sign out by the road! 

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