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Now that is reporting!

Cudahy, Police

I am not sure if you caught the reporting when CudahyNow reporter Chantel Balzell ended up in harms way at The Thirsty Moose tavern.  Now that is reporting!


On this night, bar lives up to its reputation



Posted: Feb. 23, 2009


I saw The Moose turn bloody.


It was 11 p.m. Jan. 24, and I was on assignment to check out what goes on at The Thirsty Moose tavern on a typical Saturday night.


Police reports have been full of incidents at the bar - fights, gang activity, drug use and downright unruliness.


But little did I expect to witness a battery right before my eyes.


When a friend and I arrived at the tavern, things were pretty tame.  The crowd was mixed, and everyone seemed to be getting along.


After the bouncer scanned our IDs into a recordkeeping database, we grabbed two vacant seats at the bar. At first glance, it looked like a typical bar with a dance floor.  There was loud music and dirty dancing.


After about two hours, we were close to leaving when things got chaotic.


I started talking to a man about my assignment at The Moose when all of a sudden a highly intoxicated man approached us.  He was agitated and yelled, "That's his girl!"


He then punched the man I was talking with in the nose.  Blood poured down the man's face.  His white shirt was splattered in blood.  He looked at me, then at his attacker.


His assailant stood aggressively facing the man with closed fists, ready for combat.  The victim quickly put up his fists in response, and the antagonist walked away.


I was mortified.  Everything happened so quickly.


Apparently, the assailant recognized my male friend from a wedding and thought the two of us were a couple.  Neither one of us knew the attacker.  It was not chivalry in action.


"Time to go," my friend said, leaping off the bar stool.


Later, I found out that the assault was reported to the Cudahy Police Department at 4 a.m.  The victim suffered a broken nose and was taken to a hospital.  The incident remains under investigation.


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