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Guest Blog - Milwaukee Gets A Super Walmart

Cudahy, Guest Blog, Wal-Mart

Super Walmart Brings Price Options to Milwaukee Groceries




This is a video that I'm emailing you that is from WTMJ Channel 4. 


Mayor McCue wants to say that Wal-Mart will not benefit Cudahy. 


McCue and other viewers, "How can other cities benefit from Wal-Mart and other Mega stores and why can't we?"




An Unfortunate resident of Crudahy.



Jay open end questions Mayor McCue if Cudahy could use and need Walmart jobs.

June 4: Walmart is creating 22,000 new jobs


Jay Weber Podcast Click Here



Here is an article about it -  



"Milwaukee prices have been a high price market because competition left the market," said Livingston.


It's places like Walmart that are competitive in these tough times because they offer lower prices.


"People who shopped at upscale stores are shopping at conventional stores, people who shopped at conventional stores are shopping and the low price stores."


Livingston says when Woodman's opened up in Oak Creek, prices at other grocery stores in that area dropped.


He expects the same thing elsewhere, something Groff likes to hear.


"It would be great to hear other places are lowering their prices too to be competitive," said Groff.


The Super Walmart will employ about 500 people, including about 150 new positions because of the new addition.


Walmart is also expanding one of their locations in Franklin, and Woodman's just got approval to build a grocery store in Menomonee Falls.



Wal-Mart to create 22,000 jobs in 2009
Positions include cashiers, clerks, managers and pharmacists


Target thrives in Wal-Mart country

The retailer opened up shop near Wal-Mart's headquarters.  The result is friendly competition that's raising everyone's game


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