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Cudahy Grass Cutting And More

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Please take notice of this as I am told DPW people or other city people are scouting places already.


Cudahy Steps Up Efforts to Weed out Unsightly Lawns

Submitted By Rachel Mosey


Posted: Jun. 4, 2009 6:50 a.m.


The City of Cudahy plans to conduct a sweep next week to locate and take action on properties not in compliance with the city’s housing/property maintenance code, specifically unkempt lawns.  Officials are warning negligent owners to mow their grass now before the sweep begins.


Property owners are expected to keep their grass trimmed below six inches in height, not including gardens.


The Department of Public Works (DPW) follows up on complaints made to the Inspection Department.  In the past, DPW workers followed up during regular business hours which, according to McCue, took them away from projects that benefit the whole community.  Now, overtime hours will be used whenever crews must visit addresses reported to be in code violation.  Negligent property owners will be billed for the cost.


The city has hired landscaping firm Kujawa Enterprises Inc. (KEI) to hang and maintain new flower baskets along Packard Avenue.  KEI will also take care of landscaping on public parkways throughout the city including mowing, trimming, planting and weeding.

“These improvements are long overdue,” Mayor McCue said.  “Past budget cuts and layoffs in the DPW have prevented us from keeping up with these much-needed maintenance projects that directly affect the image of Cudahy.”


The city estimates that using KEI will save the DPW $40,000 to $50,000 in overtime and equipment costs.


I do believe in keeping grass, trees, and hedges looking nice.  I just hope they give people the benefit of the doubt and go after the bad ones instead of those who might not be able get the lawn cut for a few days because of weather.


Go after the real violators and not just harass people.  I also hope this crack down includes vacant property as well.


Does anyone know of a vacant property that they think would be one to watch for?


I do have another question, what about weed control in lawns?  If the Mayor wants Cudahy to look nice should we not be concerned about weeds?  Weeds can make the house look terrible.  Should the city not have to keep up with weeds and vacant land owners?  The title to the post from the city on CudahyNow is  Cudahy Steps Up Efforts to Weed out Unsightly Lawns, so are not weeds unsightly?  The word weed is even in the title.  How much money and time do most homeowners spend controlling weeds only to have a neighbor, vacant lot or city property blow the seeds from weeds on those lands? 


A comment you might have missed to the post titled “Cudahy Grass Cutting


Cudahy One

Thursday Jun 04, 2009 8:08 AM

The DPW signed a new contract, and they should have seen it coming, backstabbed by the elected officials!  Now, I am sure that they will file a grievance, and the taxpayers will, once again pay for the mismanagement by our elected officials.  Did the Mayor and council, not think a grievance would be filed?  Are they living under a rock?  Apparently we have no Cudahy landscaping businesses that could handle this, we have to go to someone who took their business out of the city!  Maybe Walmart would have donated the lawn mowers so residents could volunteer for community service.  But hey, we have new banners and flower pots to adorn all the vacant store fronts on Packard Avenue.  It could be worse!!!




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