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The Dog Bite

Cudahy, Safety

Friday June 12, 2009 at 4:00pm, I went for a walk just around my neighborhood. 


While walking, I saw many people outside with their dogs out all of them so far with a leash or enclosed by a fence. 


Just one block from home while walking on the sidewalk two unleashed dogs come running. 


I hear a woman call from them, but they are barking and running towards me.  I just keep walking as one of them a Pomeranian Beagle mix, Spike is his name,  just bites my left hand as I am moving my hands up out of the way.  I lifted my arm up and the dog let go. 


The woman, I would normally call the dog owner the master, but clearly the dogs do not obey her therefore she is not the master of them, asks me if the dog bit me.


I told her yes!


She asks if it broke the skin, but before I could say anything, my hand begins to bleed in five places.  She tears up and tells me the dog has never done this type of thing before.  I am holding my hand wiping off the blood as she reassures me that the dog is up today on shots including rabies as she shows me the tag to show proof of rabies vaccination. 


She asks me if I was going to report this as she chokes up and tears are welling up.  I tell her no, just want to get home and clean it up.  She offers me a band-aid, to which I tell her no I just want to go home and she should keep the dog on a leash.  I wipe the blood and walk home while she is yelling at her dog that it was bad.


Now I know I could make a report and the dog could get put down for an unprovoked dog bite.  I am not afraid of dogs.  Not little ones, medium ones or big ones.  I have grownup with dogs and understand they can smell fear on you.  I also know to not look at them straight in the eyes and just keep walking.


I just walked home, washed my hands, cleaned the cuts with peroxide and put Neosporin on it.  It still stings a little after a half hour, but it is no big deal.


I don’t want to see the dog put down for an accident, but I do worry about what if my 3-year-old daughter was with.  Now the bite doesn’t really hurt and I didn’t panic, but my daughter who still trusts dogs might not have been so calm.  Plus, her skin is so much thinner and smaller.  What if the dog bit her in the face as her size compared to the striking distance the dog has?


I just fear what might happen with kids around.  I just wonder about their safety.

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