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Reader's Thoughts and Comments For June

Cudahy, Development, Wal-Mart

Here are two emails from readers I received recently.


Cudahy Casualties


Randy I am not sure if you saw the IQ Buffet in Packard Plaza has gone out of business.  Yet another failed Cudahy business.  Hey, as Cudahy is losing businesses and cannot seem to get the downtown construction fixed and finished they just put up the new banners and flowers.  Yes, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  How much is Cudahy charging the flowerpots rent to makeup for all of the lost businesses?  We may not have a Walmart, but we have a Kmart that no longer mixes paint.  Instead of upping the citizen’s taxes, cannot we not just charge it to the TID?


Another downtown casualty


I saw this week that Breakwater records is having a closing sale.  I had heard a couple of months ago about this rumor, but with the sign on the window, it has now come true.  Another business in Cudahy closes, and another vacant storefront.  Hey, at least we are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a marketing study, and have pretty flowerpots.


Here are three comments you might have missed.


Joe s

Friday Jun 19, 2009 9:18 AM


Well, well, well let's get over not having a wal-mart, move on.  Instead of us vs. them how about we.  We have a nice town, we are fortunate to have a low crime rate, we now have an anti gang ordinance, we offer a lot, if one looks past the negative comments.  My point is??  With any change it takes time, the city is cleaning up the rundown properties, but homeowners must also repair and keep their homes in good conditions.  Not happy about the library condo's??  At least something different was attempted.  Non business attitude?  Lets have discussions with the store front landlords to improve their properties.  Also the people of the area should try and support local businesses.  We had success, jalapeno loco started in Cudahy, but moved when it needed more space.  gourmet grill was at Packard plaza two years ago,. great food, great owners, but alas no one was there to support it.  Sheridan’s is a success story.  Let’s work together from within.



Friday Jun 19, 2009 10:12 AM


Joe S.

Exactly what local fair would you say is worth going to for a family besides CityLounge, SoupLaddle, and Sheridans?  Let me think... graveyard records?  Cigar shop?  laundry?  one of the 15 corner taverns?  Maybe one of the 10 used car lots?  hmmmm.... Give a list of the local stores you frequent and maybe that will help get the word out on these shops.

You list low crime.  I guess you haven’t been aware of the continual garage robberies and drug issues in Cudahy.

Working together is a great idea, but the problem is there is not a correct plan of action installed by the City government currently.  No multi-lateral discussions are open.  There are places that have already figured out how to revigorate a city, yet those lessons aren’t being followed.


Cudahy One

Friday Jun 19, 2009 8:24 PM


Joe S makes a couple of good points, however, none of the successful businesses were started under the current mayor, and council.  City Lounge, Sheridan’s and the expansion of papa luigi's were all begun under the former mayor and council.  The anti gang ordinance, while used sparingly, has not had a MAJOR impact on gangs, as proposed!

If you haven't driven down Packard avenue in the last several months, their are more vacant store fronts than in 2007.  Breakwater is the latest victim!


Walmart, like them or not, gave the city the best chance of building a retail complex with maybe an applebees, best buy, or other stores who gravitate to a major retail hub such as them.  You can list stores until their are blue in the face, however, the question they ask of the city is.. Who is the anchor to bring us there?  The park, while a vital asset, is NOT a retail anchor to bring in new business to the city.


The current elected officials have SHOT DOWN retail development on penn and Layton and at the former ice port site.  Do you think others perceive Cudahy as business friendly?  Unfortunately, you need to get out there in the business world and find out that Cudahy currently does NOT have a business friendly reputation.  If it did, people would be busting down the doors (like sonic and sendiks) to build here, not in Franklin nor Oak Creek nor Greenfield, where progressive Mayor's are attracting businesses.

This city does have a lot of good things going for it, however, lacks leadership!  Without that, not very much will change.


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