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Comment on Reader's Thoughts and Comments For June

Cudahy, Wal-Mart

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Zach, what is YOUR better?  Please be specific!  It is getting old.  Something just better!  Please!!!!  Put up or shut up!  Come on many residents of Cudahy are growing impatient as they wait for your grand economic visions to translate into something tangible.  Just as with politics you seem to only dislike what the oppositions are saying, you have yet to come up with your own answers.  Zach, putting up a fuss doesn’t mean it is right!


Zach, the Wal-Mart issue is just getting old.  We have reached an impasse.  It is not even a debate with you since you don’t bring anything new to the table.  It's a trend to blame Wal-Mart!  Same old points and vagueness.  Something better!  Please!  What?


On the road from the City of Skepticism, I had to pass through the Valley of Ambiguity.

Adam Smith - Scottish philosopher and economist


That thud was my jaw hitting the floor…You don’t hate Wal-Mart, that is news to us all!  If using your fuzzy form of logic that I love Wal-Mart, then you must hate it.  You work and blog so hard against it.  You’re right on top of it, eh?  Please the anger practically dripped off you like sweat in a sauna and that is why you had to run to your blog and quick write about it!


Just not a fan!  Please McCue has already used that tired used up line.  Come up with something on your own!  Remember when Jay Weber schooled you for not doing your own work. 


I am disappointed that you are not taking me up on the offer to see the catalyst that Wal-Mart was for the Delafield area.


See part of the problem with Wal-Mart zealots is they are too lazy to do the homework.  Ignorance can be cured - Stupidity cannot.  Call up the Oak Creek police and ask them how they like the movie theater.  Ask them how many calls they get!  Ask the police chief if he would have rather had a Wal-Mart.  I can tell you these are asked and answered questions.  It’s not just a matter of knowing, but doing.


What do people expect; do you REALLY expect a miracle?




Wal-Mart is not and was not the single answer to Cudahy’s problems.  It was and is a spoke in the wheel.  The first thing is that anyone expecting to be some kind of magic bullet has probably got it wrong.


Just how stupid is Cudahy going to look if in the end of all this that is what ends up there anyways?  This time I don’t think they will pay for additional police salaries, provide money for sidewalks, throw in some land for the city to use as they see fit, provide upgrades to lights in the parks in Cudahy and such.  You have no idea what Wal-Mart was willing to do.  Things are different now and many of those things just might and will not happen.  Time will tell....and as always, time can be both cruel and kind.


Have you shopped the new Supercenter on 27th yet?  I did today.  Hard to find a parking spot and prices were very good.  I am sure I will bump into you there.  Don’t worry, just like at the meetings in the past, I will say hi to you even if you don’t reciprocate! 


Zach, you can tell your buddy I was more than a department manager.  Then again, he already knew that.  My specialty was opening and refurbing stores as a project coordinator.  I even closed down one for Kmart in Beaver Dam.  I worked at 13 different stores during my time.  When I wanted to get off the road is when I took the department managers job.

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