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Cudahy July 4th Curbside Parade Perspective

Cudahy, Guest Blog, St. Francis

Subject: 4th of July


Hi Randy - I read your blog today about the 4th of July parade.... I wanted to make a comment.  For a number of years now, I've been sitting in the intersection of Packard and Layton.  Been sitting in the crosswalk on Packard so I can look down the street and see the parade coming. 


WE get settled, soon, more people come and take their spots - so far, so good.


Eventually, the parade is coming, and more people come - wouldn't you know, the late arrivals go and plunk their chairs right up front, blocking the view of the folks who have been there for a while.  Didn't happen to us, but it was observed by us.


The honor guard comes; we all stand and they do the gun salute.  Now, I know that kids are just infatuated with the gun shells, and they all scramble for them when they are done firing.  They at least had the courtesy to wait; but guess who beat them to the shells? 


2 adults.... one was old enough to be my mother - she was so obnoxious that she put her foot on the hand of a kid who was trying to get the shell!  Then she had some unkinds words for him, and he ran away, she proceeds to bend over to get the shell....


It just gets worse!  The parade comes and all that dang candy that goes along with it.  Soon, our prime spot has been taken over by kids and you'd think that they hadn't eaten in a week.....they were vultures.  It got so bad at one point, a truck stopped in the intersection because there was a slow-down; kids in the back of the truck were tossing candy, but they didn't toss it far enough - sure enough, some of the candy ended up near the back tire and a girl, had to be about 5 reached to get it - her head was next to the tire.  Luckily, the driver looked before he proceeded, else, that girl would have been squished.....


Last year, we almost witnessed another child almost get hit head on because she ran in front of a car to get candy.


I told my husband that next year, we need to move spots.  I cannot enjoy that parade with those kids, whose parents don't care about them.


That is my two cents about the parade.  It really was fantastic, especially after being so disappointed at the lack of patriotism shown by the “SF” officials.  Their 'parade' was an embarrassment.....


Hope all is well with your family!

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