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Is a 100,000 sq ft or larger zoning ordinance coming to Cudahy? Part 3

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More thoughts on indirect way – Retail Market Analysis.


Beware of those that trim facts to fit wants instead of needs or the truth.


Online polls are self-selected!


Remember from geometry, “All squares are rectangles, but all rectangles are not squares”


The process can almost be exclusively surmised as "guessing' and "trial and error" for only time will truly tell the story.  Will it be one for the history books or storybooks?


Counting the right numbers and making the right numbers count is not necessarily the same thing.  Determining which one is the important part!


Don’t have tunnel vision!


When someone’s visions cloud the picture, it is time to change the channel! 


This is so important it bears repeating - If the premises are false, then the conclusion that follows must also be false.


I just worry that some people might think that it is gospel instead of a reference tool. 


I know it helps to go after business, I just hope people don’t just pin all hope on what the data tells us because Communism on paper looks great!


I hope when they did the study for discount stores (Wal-Mart) it was looked at for as a Supercenter/hypermarket (Auto center, Pharmacy, Eye Care, Groceries, and a fast food chain) which is not the same as a true discount store Wal-Mart.  If the results don’t look at a Supercenter/hypermarket how can the results be accurate?  How can the conclusion be accurate or true?


Outbound/Inbound – Wal-Mart cannot be supported?

Is the fact you are looking at just the leakage from Cudahy outward and based on the leakage it is not enough to support a Wal-Mart of that size.  This is not a fair conclusion because you also have to look the factor of the surrounding communities coming into Cudahy that the store would represent so just looking at what we are losing doesn’t necessarily meaning what we would be gain, they are not equivalent.  The store gets supported by not just the host community, but the surrounding communities and those that shop it!  Also, if it is not store specific, like the Continental one, was something not amiss?


The problem with this type of analysis is that it never measures "drive by" shoppers.  In any shopping area there are a considerable number of shoppers from outside the trade area that shop a locale because it’s on the way to or from a frequent destination.  The employee that lives in the east side of Oak Creek but works in the Third Ward will stop here because it’s easy in easy out before or after work.


Also, the daughter that comes to visit her mother every week in Cudahy might shop here.  The mother taking her kids to soccer on Saturdays in Cudahy but lives in Franklin.  These are examples of trips that happen every day in the retail world and provide the necessary "bonus" that makes a retail store profitable.


Retailers know this and when they do their studies, they incorporate a factor in for this.  In addition, they know that the "float" of credit card debt often causes the percentage of retail sales (as a function of income) to be greatly underestimated.


Without incorporating these two biases into a study, the fact is that NOWHERE in the country will you find an in and out study to support additional retail.  Would you rather believe the single most successful retailer EVER to operate on the planet or a consultant that has never sold anything in a competitive retail market?  Whom should you believe – A generalized city study or the one the businesses will do that specifically pinpoints their market in the targeted city?


In an effort to determine where residents of the south shore are spending their money, the City of Cudahy is conducting a retail market analysis with an eye toward recruitment of new retail businesses.


The city’s Community Development Authority has contracted with a national consulting firm, Basile Baumann Prost Cole & Associates, Inc., to conduct the analysis.  The results will be used to determine what types of new businesses are a proper fit for Cudahy and stand the best chance for success, said Economic Development Director Lara Fritts.”



Now I am not saying the Market analysis IS being used as a 100,000 zoning ordinance, I am pointing out how it could in hopes that it isn’t used in that manor!


I also worry that the study is being told that it is for “In an effort to determine where residents of the south shore are spending their money” and it is only looking at Cudahy data not south shore data.  Plus, “The results will be used to determine what types of new businesses are a proper fit for Cudahy and stand the best chance for success” sounds to me like the study is less like a guide and more like a glove.


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