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Readers' Thoughts on Cudahy Movie Theater

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Here are some emails from readers with my comments in blue.


Randy, I have seen very little on the conversion of the old Kohl’s site into a movie theatre.  I do see work going on so guess its still a go


While I am pleased to see something go there, and it sounds like a first class operation, knowing only that which I read, i.e. dining  and drinks I wonder, will this fill the needs of the many families with children who need to take advantage of bargain rates and other special offers, I would think given the amenities shown it would  be a little costly for most, I would appreciate your thoughts.


I think the movie theater is a good idea.  I understand that it is not targeted for the bargain user.  I hope Cudahy does something else that the everyday Joe can do with kids.  Cudahy needs something for everyone and doesn’t need to be looking at just one group.


Randy, I am hearing that the that the Rosebud theater planned for Cudahy will run first rate movies, I am concerned of the price they are going to charge for the movies and the drinks/food that the people of Cudahy will not be able to support the movie theater.  I am also bothered that the kids who really need an out will not have that with this movie theater.  I don’t think this project fits who Cudahy is!  It fits who the Mayor thinks it is.


I was told the price would be in line with what Marcus Theater prices are.  This is not an end all be all, just one place people will be able to enjoy themselves while the kids are at home with a sitter.


Randy you need to do some homework and am shocked you didn’t pickup on this on your own.  If you take the tax money, the City is pouring into the project per square foot it is around three to four times other projects.  Yes the money is high yet small for a project, the concern was “But how much is it going to cost the taxpayers?” and that is not being answered.  When you look at the rate of expenditure per square foot of taxes, now the true cost is known.


I must admit, I don’t have the facts and figures all added up or even access to them.  Maybe someone that does with in the CC or CDA will do the homework for us.


Randy, with the city now writing its own PR articles on the NOW, do you think it odd that only Mayor McCue is being quoted and since he controls the media articles it could be a conflict of interest.  The Mayor didn’t seem to want to answer questions or make statements before when he could not control the story, but now he is all to happy to be quoted!


Yes, I do think it is odd that the Mayor has the time now, but people know the NOW article are being done by the City Interns.  They will be biased, and they are not reporters.  Neither am I for that matter.  All of what I write is biased.

Added email comment:


Subject Agree


I do agree with one of your readers who said that too much TIF money is given away all the time and we never seem to get any businesses going.

The taxpayers never get the relief.

Hopefully things will get better.




A possible missed comment


Cudahy One - While I agree, something needs to be done with this eyesore, another $440,000 of TIF dollars and the redirection of Block Grant funds (which the council is doing that take aware from the poor), is not the right mechanism to fund this.  Why, once again are we giving away the farm?  Have the city's financial people looked at the dollars of the development, to assure a cost benefit for the city.  If the city is putting in over $440k, will this building assess out at $4,400,000, to make the deal financially viable for the city.  I doubt it!  No one ever looks at that side of the development.  We have enough land rotting here in Cudahy, Penn Ave and Iceport, why not try and make this the anchor (destination) of a development at one of those sites!  No city planning here, just giving away dollars!

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