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Doggone - Irish Word for Disappointment

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My family and I went to opening day of Irishfest.  We had free tickets from a promotion from State Fair, where if you went to State Fair, you received a free ticket to IrishFest for opening day.  It started on Thursday August 13, 2009 at 5:00pm.  We promptly arrived at five and walked to the gate. 


First, we walked to the mid-gate of Summerfest, but it appeared they were not using it.  So we entered on the next gate.  This puzzled many people as to why that gate was not open.


When we got into the complex, it was about 5:45 now and I noticed that many of the vendors were either not open or were working on opening.  The crowd was very good, yet many vendors were not open, which in the tough economic times one would think they would like to capture as many sales as they can.


My daughter was disappointed not to eat at the fruit vendor as she ate there during Summerfest and Germanfest.  You could tell he will be open (my guess starting on Friday) because his coolers of bottled soda were full.


Next came my daughter’s next disappointment when the Sky Gliders were not working.


So we decided to go to the kids area.  And again, disappointment!  Not open!  Sure, the signs and tents were up, but no vendors.


That left the playground and the water cool down area.  Thank God, they were open.  She did get to play in them. 


We felt a tad bit hungry so I ordered so fish and chips.  Very good, I might say.  The food was good and the price of $6.75 was reasonable.


I heard a few people complain about having to buy beer/wine tickets instead of cash at the beer tents.  Not sure if it was that way for Summerfest or Germanfest.


I have to say people’s etiquette was very bad throughout the complex.  That goes for all the age groups, from the older crowd to the younger crowd.


Watch how you hold your cigarette and drinks as you walk in the crowds.  Saw way too many issues of that.


If you are in a group of five, you should not walk side by side as if you are holding hands in a crowd of people.  It is hard enough with three people walking side by side.


If you are not ordering food, move out of the food lines.  So many people were just standing in the food lines just talking.  Move out of the line into the center areas or in-between the food lines.


Line jumping because you see someone you know.  Had that happen just in front of us.  I didn’t complain, but the lady in front of the people did.  So the friends told the line jumpers to text them their order instead.  That creates a pseudo line jumper or an electronic jumper.  Had that happen a Summerfest a few times as well.


Look at the menu before you get up, so you don’t have to ask some many questions and sit there going, “I just don’t know what to get!”


The food, dance and music were great!  But I tell you if I would have paid for the tickets I would have been very upset.  If you are open for business, then so should your vendors and activities.

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