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Ride the Bus to Save Money & Time?

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So my wife, my daughter and myself decided to go to the State Fair this year after my then 2 year-old had a blast at the fair last year.  We preordered our tickets to save money vs. buying them at the gate.


I was talking to one of my friends, who is a liberal, and he suggested that we take the MCTS bus to State Fair to save time and money.  I thought that yeah we would do it.  Things are tight and anywhere you can save a buck, you should do so.


So I looked it up.


Summerfest, Wisconsin State Fair,

Festa Italiana, German Fest & Irish Fest

Cash $6.00 round trip

Weekly or Monthly Pass + $2.00 Cash $3.00 round trip


We could ride the MCTS Flyer at MATC South Campus.  It would cost my wife and I $6.00 round trip each and my 3-year-old daughter would be free.  Total of $12.00 for the 3 of us. 


Oh yeah, Service every half hour Service all day, every day!  Park at specified park-ride lots and ride a Freeway Flyer to and from the State Fair from 7:30 am until half an hour after Fair close.  (State Fair closes at 9 p.m. on the last night, Sunday, August 16th.)


So we planed to drive over to MATC at 9:15am Friday and catch the Flyer to save money.  Have to say, I still don’t buy the save time because I would drive to the lot (in the opposite direction), wait for the bus, ride the bus stopping at its points and then arrive at Star Fair and do it all over again when we leave.  Doesn’t sound like a time saver to me, but hey, I would be saving money!  Or would I?


I decided to look up how much money it would cost to park on the Star Fair ground in the infield to ponder my savings.


Well, when I opened up the State Fair’s website and clicked on parking I was surprised to say the least!


Parking is $10 per vehicle / motorcycle.  $10.00 for the carload, so I can squeeze in one more person in my car.  But wait, that is $10.00 instead of $12.00?  So taking the bus is not going to save me money nor time!


Not the great savings I was told about, Jim.


Now Jim is saying to himself and I am sure other bus supporters as well that is you look at wear and tear, oil changes, car washes, car waxing, gas, and anything else that the bus in the long run is saving me money on this State Fair trip.  Okay!!!  I am fine taking my savings of $2.00 to park on the grounds in my car on my own schedule and bank the money for the incidentals.  I get 30 miles to the gallon in my car and 25 in my wife’s SUV, with State Fair about 10-12 miles away, I will take my chances.


Yes, I know this is just one time, just one incident, just one attempt, just one result, just one example, but sometimes you only have just one shot!

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