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Hoan Bridge in Today's email

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MMAC CEO Denies MMAC is involved in doing any study for the Hoan Bridge  



I am a Bay View resident and a listener to the Mark Belling radio talk show on WISN.  Mark spent an hour today talking about AND EXPOSING MMAC's hiring of its regular crony "study" company, and also discussing the high probability that MMAC's desire for the destruction of the bridge is related to one of its developer members securing the land below it. 


I then contacted Mr. Sheehy, MMAC CEO, by e-mail to ask him about this, and he denied MMAC was involved in any study regarding the Hoan Bridge.  His written e-mail to me is below, and my reply that it didn't make sense, providing the link to last week's Fox-6 report (also below) where they interviewed his underling who said MMAC had indeed commissioned a study.  Sheehy also stated his desire to talk to Mr. Belling and desired Mr. Belling contact him.  Mark, I'll bet you'll LOVE to talk with him!!


I am sending this to you as add-ons to earlier lists I sent out.  


As an add-on, I find it very interesting that at this stage apparently my own Alderman Zielinski has not said anything about this.  Maybe he knows the Alderman that's pushing the bridge's destruction?  Lots of smoke I'd say, and that mean's fire. 


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I am currently traveling out of town and did not hear Mr. Belling-skeptisism is healthy, but bad information is unhealthy-especially from a radio host who can pick yp the phone and call me if he wants to know MMAC's position. We have not and are not contracting with anyone to do a study on the Hoan bridge, as to the land owners under the bridge, am not really sure who they all are but the city of Milwaukee is probably the largest, MMSD, the Harbour Commission are others.

MMAC in the early 1960's was the leading player to get the Hoan bridge built, at some point it willl need to be rebuilt, we shoukd all have good facts to make that decision, you can help by asking good questions and voicing your views, but please don't add to the hystaria by spreading rumors.

We have nothing to hide!

Tim Sheehy


Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce

phone: 414.287.4125

fax: 414.271.7753


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Subject: MMAC CEO Denies MMAC is involved in doing any study for the Hoan Bridge


Mr. Sheehy:


Oh?  Then what's this, on Fox 6 TV on Aug 2, from your man Steve Voss?,0,3940008.story






Additional Info


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