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FBI complaint filed against MMAC for criminal corruption with Hoan Bridge study

Development, Milwaukee County

This is an email update from the email Hoan Bridge in Today's email please don’t miss that post.  This goes along with my post “The Bridge To Nowhere Does Go Somewhere And Needs Saving


Here is the email minus the person’s name and personal info.



I decided not to wait.  Filed today with Milwaukee office of FBI.  Text of complaint below.



Subj:  Request for investigation of criminal corruption associated with Hoan Bridge


The Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Chamber of Commerce (MMAC) is engaging in conspiracy, corruption and criminal activity, in conjunction with Governor Doyle's office, Milwaukee Alderman Bauman and an as yet unidentified MMAC member land development company. 


This activity is to falsely rig a "study" it has commissioned by a crony "study company" it regularly uses to reach the desired conclusion:  tear down the Hoan Bridge.  The hidden purpose of this fraud:  to secure the land under the bridge for private development.  Also being falsified are the "always mysteriously escalating" repair costs for the bridge so that as to make the bridge appear unrepairable and more expensive than to tear it down with taxpayer dollars, including federal tax dollars.


I ask your office to investigate this criminal fraud activity.  Tap these persons and organizations phone lines, including monitoring their e-mails, and also look for kickbacks between the land development company and the Alderman Bauman.  Mysteriously, Alderman Zielinski, whose district benefits from the bridge, has not opposed its destruction.  He may also be involved or connected with Bauman for the kickbacks. 


Thank you.


Name withheld

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