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Cudahy Whispers In the Wind

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Just wondering if you attended the Tony Day meeting and if you are going to do a post about it.  There is a wild rumor running around that Day is running to make McCue the administrator, once the election is over.  I am not sure if the Day and McCue camps are together, but if they are, that would be an explosion in crooked politics in Cudahy.


I didn’t get the impression from Mr. Day while talking to him that he would like Mayor McCue to be the city administrator.  Mr. Day seems to be pro-business and would have approved the Wal-Mart.  I think Cudahy is too small to have a city administrator especially with a full time economic director and Mayor.  Now I do know that Mayor McCue is taking night classes while working on his Master’s degree.  I will fight like hell to keep Cudahy from hiring a city administrator ($120,000), since there is no need.  Even if the Mayor’s job is moved to part time.  Some of the reasoning is that with salary, benefits and perks the Mayor’s pay starts to approach the $120,000 and reducing the Mayor to part time and paying $20,000 for the Mayor would better suit Cudahy because money can be spent on a city administrator that has the skill set needed.  I just don’t buy it!


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Randy, I have heard that former Cudahy Mayor Ray Glowacki will publicly endorse Tony Day and in private support Ryan McCue.  He is betting on both horses to win.  It still will be the “old Boys” club with just those two running.


Well, that certainly could be, but I don’t know.  That is why I hope others enter the Mayoral race.  The more people run the better it and Cudahy will be.  We need to know how they differ and how they will govern.  Leadership is a must!


Look back at what I wrote about in a past post:


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