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2008 Cudahy Annual Police & Crime Report - Police Chief Letter

Crime, Cudahy, Police

The Honorable Ryan McCue, Mayor

Members of the Common Council

Members of the Police and Fire Commission

Citizens of the City of Cudahy



Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is my pleasure to present the 2008 Cudahy Police Department’s Annual Report.  2008 marked my first full year as Chief of Police.  My first objective was to meet and speak with each member of the department.  I have great confidence and pride in the men and women who serve this community.


Law Enforcement is an ever-changing field.  The legal requirements for successful investigations and prosecutions are always increasing.  The positive aspect of the ever increasing requirements is that those changes are enhancing the professionalism of Law Enforcement.  I have found my first year in this position both challenging and rewarding.


We are making increasing efforts to be proactive in police-community relations and are engaging in proactive crime prevention efforts.  We were able to reestablish the Citizen’s Police Academy and the National Night Out event.  The Neighborhood Block Watch remains a vital component of getting information out to the public and receiving crucial feedback from the community on our service.


Our full time sworn staff remained at 30.  We enhanced the efforts of the Patrol Force by flattening out the chain of command.  We reallocated funds for staffing and used those funds to get more people in a position to be on the street, putting more “boots on the ground.”


We’ve reallocated manpower to the Detective Bureau bringing us to 4 Detectives.  With the additional person in the bureau, we started a Crime Suppression Unit.  The goal is to be more proactive in addressing drug and gang crimes by assigning a Detective to lead the department in those investigations.  There is an issue in Southeastern Wisconsin, as well as nationwide, with the use of drugs such as the illegal use Oxycontin and the use of Heroin and cocaine.  We experienced 14 reported drug overdoses in 2008, 9 of which resulted in death.


The Cudahy Police Department’s Tactical Unit conducted 17 search warrants and 2 tactical operations.  They work cooperatively with the Crime Suppression unit.


We have increased the hours for the 2 part-time Court Liaison Officers.  They provide security in the municipal court and take cases to the District Attorney’s Office for charging.  Supplementing our staffing with Court Liaison Officers reduces full-time Police Officer overtime.


We have increased the number of Community Service Officers without increasing the amount of hours budgeted.  This allows us to gain more consistent coverage for parking enforcement and has allowed us to address issues such as nuisance vehicles in neighborhoods.  The CSOs also allow Officers to be freed up so that they may be more active in conducting investigations, responding to complaints and engaging in preventative patrol rather than writing parking tickets.


We’ve applied for and received grants to assist us in developing and enhancing our technology.  We upgraded our internal records management system to allow more accurate analysis of data and a better exchange of information both internally and with other agencies.  We are in a position to apply more intelligence based policing strategies.  We are also in the process of equipping our squad cars with digital video cameras.


We participate in continual training updates and seek out specialized training to enhance our capabilities and increase the professionalism of the agency.  Having highly trained, professional Police Officers increases the level of service to the community and reduces civil liability.


In 2008, we implemented the Cudahy Police Department’s first K-9 Unit.  The K-9 Unit is an integral part of our crime prevention efforts as part of the Crime Suppression Unit and Tactical Unit.


We have established a strict standard of enforcement at the schools in regards to truancy and issues related to school safety.  We strive to work cooperatively with the schools, Municipal Attorney and the Municipal Court to compel truant students to remain in school and hold disruptive students accountable.


We have continued face-to-face registration checks with all registered sex offenders who live in the City of Cudahy.  We have not only checked on the sex offenders who are required to register, but have checked on those who are no longer required to register.  We have also made the extra effort to confirm that those who have reported that they moved are no longer in the city.


The Cudahy Emergency Service Dispatchers are professionals who work in a stressful environment.  They multitask with walk-ins, telephone calls and Police and Fire calls.


We rely on the Clerks to maintain efficient and effective administrative operations.  Correspondence, records and budget are complex and are a vital aspect of any Police Department.


We coordinated efforts with Probation and Parole and began a Neighborhood Supervision Program.  We have approximately 200 convicted criminals currently on Probation or Parole in the City of Cudahy.  This program provides a concentrated caseload of the highest risk offenders, which allows an increased level of supervision and accountability.


We are continually adjusting our strategies, methods and techniques to comply with current case law and best practices.  We are also committed to collaboration.  Law Enforcement cannot combat crime and provide for the safety of the community alone.  To be effective we must work together with other city departments, community organizations, and citizens.


We ask that all citizens call to report suspicious activity.  Watch out for your neighbors and trust your instincts.  I urge you to become involved in our Neighborhood Watch Group.  We ask that people remain aware of their environment and that they call us so we can intervene in suspected criminal activity.  We want to identify suspicious people and arrest people, who come here to victimize and do harm.  The men and women of the Cudahy Police Department will continue to strive to provide the highest level of service and safeguard this community.



Respectfully submitted,




Thomas D. Poellot

Chief of Police

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