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2008 Cudahy Annual Police & Crime Report - The Cudahy Police Patch

Cudahy, Police

Officer Thomas P. Livesey designed the Cudahy Police Patch.  The patch was adopted for use on September 18, 2008.


“POLICE” is boldly written across the top of the patch to clearly identify the wearer.  CUDAHY” and “WISCONSIN” designates the City and State of the jurisdiction of the agency.


“SINCE 1906” designates the year that the Cudahy Police Department was created as we know it today.  This is the year that Cudahy was incorporated as a City.


The motto in the banner is “To Protect and to Serve ".  It is written in Latin, “Protegere et Servire”.  The motto "To Protect and to Serve" was introduced by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1955.  It has since become a recognizable motto for law enforcement.


The main color of the patch is blue which is a color long associated with law enforcement.  Blue stands for firmness, truth and loyalty.  The gold in the patch represents generosity, excellence and elevation of the mind.  The white is for peace, sincerity, knowledge and training.


The shield signifies a defender and is symbolic of the police badge.


In ancient heraldry, the bend is a broad diagonal band across the shield, which signifies defense or protection and is a bearing of high honor.  The black and white pattern of the bend signifies the difference between right and wrong.  It also signifies the covert and overt operations of law enforcement and the day and night vigilance of the men and women of the Cudahy Police Department.


The sword is the symbol of service, preparedness, vigilance, liberty and strength.


The eagle is a symbol of action, speed in apprehension, noble nature, strength, bravery, guardianship and vigilance.


The diamonds are a symbol of honesty, consistency and persuasion.  There are three to signify the Police, Dispatch and Administrative components of the Police Department.  They form an arrow to represent readiness for duty and defense.  The arrow symbolizes a high level of training, dexterity and nimbleness of wit.  People with these traits are able to analyze and understand complicated problems and are able develop and implement solutions.  The leading entity changes based on the current challenge being faced and one exists to support the other.

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