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2010 Budget Time

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Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue is holding three town hall meetings this month.  I know this because Rachel Mosey, one of the four Interns for Lara Fritts, Cudahy's Director of Economic Development, posted the information on CudahyNow. 


If you missed it here, it is:


Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue to Hold Town Hall Meetings on City Budget

Submitted By Rachel Mosey


Posted: Sept. 4, 2009


Citizens interested in learning more about the 2010 City of Cudahy budget will be able to do so at three town hall meetings this month.


The meetings are scheduled for Saturday, September 12 at 9:00 a.m., Monday, September 14 at 10:00 a.m. and Monday, September 21 at 6:00 p.m.


At each town hall meeting Mayor Ryan McCue will make a presentation about the budget and talk about challenges facing the city.  Then he will take questions and comments from citizens.


All three meetings will be held in the Common Council Chambers at City Hall, which is located at 5050 South Lake Drive.


My first question is:


How does Rachel Mosey who works for Lara Fritts, Cudahy's Director of Economic Development submit a PR release for Mayor Ryan McCue?  In the past, Mayor Ryan McCue did it himself.


See the problem is Rachel Mosey and Lara Fritts’ salary are paid for with special half-mile radius TIF money!


Again, how and why is Intern Rachel Mosey who works for Lara Fritts, Cudahy's Director of Economic Development summiting a PR release for Mayor Ryan McCue?  How does this PR release for the Mayor work in the TIF?


I think someone should audit the time and money spent for TIF and find out how much time and money is being spent on non-TIF things! 


Mayor McCue has a personal secretary that I am sure is fully capable to type up and submit a PR release for Mayor Ryan McCue!


Folks!  We in Cudahy are looking at a $600,000 - $700,000 shortfall for the 2010 budget!  Maybe in 2010 we cannot afford hanging flowerpots as we begin to layoff workers! 


Just how much business did those flowerpots bring in anyways? 


Can we just layoff the Mayor?


Seriously, he has outsourced almost all of his duties!


While I am on a roll with the loose use of “economic development” money, please remember that the 2009 budget contained about 75% of the total amount was one time costs!  The Director Economic Developer exact budget for 2009 is $348,734.


Therefore, the budget for 2010 should be 75% less!


It be exact $348,734 x .25 = $87,183.50


Forgot the 2009 budget?  Here it is again:


And The Answer Is...


We were also told that there are goals to know if it was a worthwhile endeavor to have a full time plus interns “economic development” department. 


Odd how we will have to budget for one for next year when we have no idea if it was worth it yet!  

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