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Guest blog - Frustrated Cudahy Resident

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Hi Randy,


As you know, I don't usually call out the guard unless I feel it is really necessary, but I believe that this warrants such action.  I am sending you this e-mail since my attempts to blog have been blocked by the paper and we are running out of time.


My views on the mayor’s proposed salary increase


At this Tuesday’s council meeting there will be a vote regarding the mayor’s salary increase.


As an employer of the mayor, I see several items that need to be considered here.


First, given the performance of this employee over that last three years and his unending failure to complete the tasks that he himself committed to during the last election,  many of us feel that a raise is not in order. 


There are no new jobs being brought into our community, unless you consider the positions of bartender in our “much needed entertainment district". 


On the contrary, several businesses that were in existence three years ago are gone, and thriving businesses that have wanted to come to our community bringing commerce and actual wage paying jobs have been discouraged. 


The city has some very large blight and absentee landlord problems, the least of which will not be aided by flower baskets hanging from light poles nor economic development classes for start up businesses that teach you how to use “Social Networking" (The Internet) to increase your business”! 


The dollars being spent on so called “Much needed" economic development surveys and useless classes for new business would be better spent paying someone to get on the phone and call prospective businesses, or get into a car and visit businesses outside of Cudahy and invite them to expand here.  Encourage new businesses to come here don't just sit back at city hall and wait for someone to knock on your door, it just doesn't happen. 


Look at Oak Creek, their city development has boomed in the last three years alone.  They brought in businesses like Woodman's, Sonic's Aurora Health Care Clinics, Target, several banks and office buildings and many drive up and sit down restaurants and shops. 


So please don't tell me it can't be done!


Just prior to the last election, the City passed ordinance 2294 which at that time raised the mayor's salary by $6,000.00 to it's current level of $63,370.00.  That's a very substantial raise for what the current mayor fills as a part-time position.  Just think of what you could do with the wages from a part-time job that gave you in excess of $100.00 per hour for a four-day week where the employee sets their own hours and only came into work in the morning and was done by noon!


As one of the 10,000 or so  "Employers" in Cudahy who are feeling the effects of the nationwide economic downturn I can understand giving raises to the actual city workers who run and care for our city, or  to the police and firefighters who put their lives on the line each and everyday protect our  city.  Even to the alderpersons who are themselves elected part timers and yet choose to commit themselves to a 24 hour a day seven day a week job performance.  But I have to say no to a performance raise for the mayor, and I hope that the other employers in Cudahy will say “NO” as well.

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