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Cudahy Director of Public Works / City Engineer

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I am not sure if everyone got a chance to read Street Repairs Submitted by William Bray in the CudahyNow Your Stories section, so I will post it here.


Why do our elected officials in the City of Cudahy disregard the residents of one small area of our city?  I live on McCreedy Avenue, which is over by the Middle School area.


We are being lied too about the road improvements being done in our area.


No one knows what is going on.  City Hall says one thing, Engineer another, than the construction crew says another thing on what is being done.  No one knows what is going on.  The residents are tired of being lied too.


I went to the City Engineer and talked to her person.  What she told me 2 weeks ago is completely different now.  This road is getting to be costly now.


Thank You


William S. Bray


While I don’t personally know the Cudahy Director of Public Works / City Engineer Mary Jo Lange.  I have heard many complaints about her.  Mainly that wearing two hats is just too much for her to handle.


I have also heard that she had been give permission, and has acted upon such permission, to work one day a week from her Whitefish Bay home (some people told me it is Brookfield).  I would hope that Mary Jo Lange would confirm this information or elaborate upon it and help clear up any rumors or misinformation.


Here is a sample of part of an email I received –


The DPW head is a stay at home manager, not only with her 1 day work at home, but comes and goes ("checking on things") as she darn well pleases.  I guess Cudahy has a lot of projects in Whitefish Bay that need checking on.”


Here is another one -




Here is a little tid bit of information. 


It seems that our new General Manager of DPW / Water Utility / Engineering enjoys spending at least 1 day per week working out of her home!  That's right!  She runs the show from her house!


The head of DPW is now a non-resident, as compared to Mike Clark, and get's the pleasure of working out of her home!


Amazing under the leadership of Mayor Ryan McCue:”


One last one -


“Randy, have you seen the blunder that is the road construction on E Squire Ave?  It would appear that the contractor and the DPW head were not on the same page and the just redone road will have to be redone again.  What a cluster#$%^!  (I edit that)


Mary Joe is a good Engineer, but she lacks the skills and understanding of the DPW.  It was another McCue bad idea to combine the two jobs.”


I do hope that Cudahy Director of Public Works / City Engineer Mary Jo Lange can clear these up, as misinformation is a dangerous thing.  If true though, I don’t think that is fair to the other Department Heads nor do I think that is the most effective way to run a department. 

There was this positive comment recently on the DPW from JTozz


…With all this depressing news about money spent, I'd like to also give a positive reaction to the Department of Public Works.  I laud them all for the work they do in our public streets.  From what I’ve seen in the short time I’ve lived here they always seem to be doing a great job.  They definitely keep this City going with all they do full year around.  While I am sure there is an occasional problem, they seem to keep on striving to do better.  Just my view.

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