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Jack Vaccaro - Community Bock Grant Revenue

Cudahy, Development, Mayor, Meeting

This is Mr. Vaccaro's question from the Cudahy Wisconsin Common Council meeting on Tuesday September 15th 2009 on the subject of funds from the CBGR that were moved to the Kohl's project in escrowed money instead of using the CBGR to complete the ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) bathroom to bring it up to ADA code.


Jack Vaccaro –


I was also here because I was here on I believe it was oh August 4th for public hearing in regard to block grant money that was being taken from later I found out in that evening meeting was to be assigned  for handicap bathrooms and was reassigned to the theater program [Rosebud Cinema Cudahy project] on the Kohl's site.


And my question is, why would we use block grant money, which has other sources of uses in the city for which it could fund specially the handicap bathrooms for a project that has already as much funding, as it needs? 


I mean it is certainly the funding exists with the CDA to do this.  Okay…


The long and short of it was that evening it was portrayed that there was a sort of expedience to use the block grant money had to be spent by the beginning of September. 


So after going to the CDA meeting on Tuesday last Tuesday [September 8th ] that the theater project has run into a bind and the developer isn’t going to get the original financing that they thought they would get, but they will have to bring in some other parties into this project. 


So there is no signed developer’s agreement.


So Ms. Fritts did mention earlier to you that they did manage to call and find out that they could escrow the money for the theater program [Kohl's project].  So my question is if you could escrow the money for the theater when it happens, why not escrow the money for the bathrooms as it was intend which is something you know will get done and you can control it.  Whereas with the theater program which will get fund if it really ever happens may or may not ever.


Case and points that would be my question.


I didn’t do the rest, you can just follow along on the youtube video for the full impact.

Community Bock Grant Revenue also known as the Federal Community Development Block Grant fund (CDBG).


Additional important information -


Former Kohls Site – The Rosebud Movie Theater is temporarily on hold.  The Department of Economic Development was aware this could happen and has begun conversations with an alternative developer.  


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