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Jim Doyle's Ad Back in 9-7-06

State Politics, Wisconsin

With all this talk about Judge Michael Gableman’s TV campaign ad, I just want to remind people of Jim Doyle’s ad back in 9-7-06.  Maybe that needs to be looked into.


This was my thoughts in 2006 to the MJS and several TV stations along with Doyle’s office.


I am appalled by the new Jim Doyle ad claiming, no, out right lying that Mark Green was just found breaking the law, illegally accepting donations. 


The fact is that Mark Green raised the money legally and transferred the money legally as well.  This is a fact not someone’s opinion. The partisan State Elections Board interprets, that is an opinion on how the law reads, current Wisconsin law while disregarding the last 25 years and the fact that the same thing happened to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett just four years ago. 


How can you change the rules in the third quarter of the game?  If this is the way life should be, then change the rules that the Green Bay Packers always WIN.  Would that be fair?  How can “We” as citizens stand for these lies? 


What happen to “truth in advertising”? 


I guess all is fair in politics even if the fair means lie. 


“WE” as citizens need to stand up and call for the new Jim Dole add be pulled and Jim Dole to apologize for the lies.  This is a new low even for Jim Doyle.

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