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Comments you might have missed From City Matters Part 2!

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Comments you might have missed The Week of 9/20-9/26


From City Matters Part 2




Monday Sep 21, 2009 3:53 PM


Seriously, Mayor McCue has a journalism degree?


You’d think that the citizens of Cudahy would then have more information than we need directly from the Mayor's office.


Randy as you stated, any incorrect information could easily be correct by the Mayor's office responding on the forums or issuing a news release.  How efficient would it be for each citizen to make an appointment with the Mayor?  I am not sure how much louder the citizens of Cudahy have to yell for the city government to come up with a way to communicate quickly and efficiently.  It is not that hard to understand that a website or blog is an easy and cost effective way to reach citizens.  Further, I am sure the would love it if the Mayor's office sent out many news releases to inform the public.


As a journalism degreed person, I would have thought Mayor McCue would enjoy the blogosphere and people actually trying to participate in their local issues.  Randy has been very fair to people with different opinions.  However, most of those end up not reposting because they dont have any reliable information to rebut - yet the resort to personal attacks.  I think Upton Sinclair, Ida Tarbell, and even Bob Woodward would be ashamed that a fellow journalist would try to hamper dialogue.


Of course if there is someone who thinks there is a problem happening to them or their neighbors they ARE BIASED by the very personal nature.  It is the Mayor's job to go beyond the bias and figure out if there is real problem.  This is what makes a good leader.  Cudahy is too small to have an out of touch mayoral office - by design or happenstance.  Instead of having disdain for Randy's blog, applaud the fact that you can EASILY hear about issues around the city.  Hunt down the issues and come up with solutions or explain who?  What?  Where?  How?  If it is incorrect - doesn’t this sound familiar from your classes?


Randy Hollenbeck

Monday Sep 21, 2009 4:22 PM


Thanks JTozz


I try to be far, but in the end, this and I are highly opinionated.  If you look around you will see some Mayors embrace the blogosphere.  I think Waukesha’s Mayor has a blog.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr has a blog “Blogging with Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.”


I think, now this is my opinion, Mayor McCue tries to keep everything out of print (newspapers, emails, blogs) because he doesn’t want to be pinned down to what he said.  It is the classic “I cannot confirm nor deny that”!  His supporters have emailed, blogged and commented, but there is a separation between them and he.  Plausible deniability!


Mayor McCue is running for reelection and his website that he used last time he quickly took down after (during) I exposed it in my Mayor McCue report card segment.


Yes JTozz, you point out that he wants each person to make an appointment in his office.  Not the most efficient way to handle many questions and responses.


He is so blogged down that he could not post up his own “Town Hall Meeting on the budget” he had the Marketing Department Intern (Rachel who is paid with TIF money) do it.  Of course, it was only because she was posting up something else.  That must be why Rachel didn’t post Mark Otto’s “Alderman Otto's 2nd Annual Town Hall Meeting” today.  She must not have been posting something that Mr. Otto had to do it himself.


As I have said the best problem with Mayor McCue’s administration and leadership is a lack of communication.  Tomorrow’s blog post I have a challenge for him and his staff!


Randy Hollenbeck

Monday Sep 21, 2009 4:37 PM

Here is an email comment from a reader -


I read your newest article with the Mayor's response.  How conceited of him to say that he has a degree in journalism...who cares...


Another attempt to try and make you look small.  And do not give in to his request and visit him in his office...NO WAY to that.  You just keep it on your blog so EVERYONE can read how much in panic he is when he writes to you.


I bet he is sweating bullets.  You have to remember he doesn't have a clue.

Wasn't there a movie like that "Clueless"...he-he.


Cudahy One

Monday Sep 21, 2009 6:53 PM




Once again, you must be on target, or the Mayor would not play his games with e-mail with you.  I give him an F on his journalism assignment.


If what he says is true about the DPW Manager, why does he not provide time sheets, or some other kind of proof?  If he claims it is not happening, why are others claiming so?  If she is in the office most of the time, their should be some record, phone records, something, or can she really come and go undetected by the Mayor, her boss, who appointed her?


Either way, more cop outs from a useless excuse for a Mayor.  Not much longer.....


Taxed Enough In WI

Tuesday Sep 22, 2009 8:57 PM


There is no accountability at city hall.  Department managers come and go as they please.  Some work 4 day weeks and to be fair, some work 7 day weeks.  But...there are no goals to be met, there are no standards, there are no consequences if things go wrong.  It is not the Department managers' fault for these misgivings.  It is the fault of the mayor and common council for their lack of leadership and direction.  They have had almost 3 years to put their stamp on this city and yet, things are worse than ever.  Lady and gentlemen, start leading from the front!


Cudahy One

Wednesday Sep 23, 2009 5:26 PM


Taxed Enough, you make some great points.  While I give a lot of credit to those who serve the public, line workers and managers, it starts at the top.


I hear that the former Mayor tried to run the city like a private business, build up very poor morale, (which he inherited), and you can see what the public did to him!  He tried to make sure that the workers, and managers kept the goal in the mind, to serve the public to the best of their ability.  He stepped in the middle of disputes, tried to be fair, and worked jointly with the personnel committee of the council who held tons of meetings and took on many many things.  Again, other than 1 alderman, you see what the voters did to Grams and Bartoshevich, along with Hohenfeldt!


The problem is that only very few in the general public, know what is going on.  Randy does an excellent job with his blog, however, you have to take the time to read it, and tell people about it!


If history is any indication, maybe if they all get a challenger, the who gang, council and mayor will get wiped out in the upcoming election.  I am sorry, but this group could not lead a horse to water, let alone try to make him drink!


If you don't believe me, attend a common council meeting.  They are all yes men, and woman (excuse me) for the Mayor.


Time to stamp them out and hopefully, good people, with a clear direction and vision will run for public office again!




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