Where Are Your Favorite Thrift Stores?

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I've always liked going to Goodwill or the Salvation Army stores to see what they have, pick up a few books, get some clothes for the grandkids.  Lately these stores have become very busy!  I pulled into the parking lot of the Goodwill store on 27th Street and almost every parking space was taken!  I know that around Halloween these stores are great places to put together a costume, but this started a few months ago.  Yes, the economy has prompted a lot of the business, but I also think that "thrifting" has become kinda trendy.  I'm on the young end of the baby boomer generation, but the nostalgia factor of the 1970's doesn't escape me.  It's really cool to see some of those old fashions. And, as my boyfriend points out, electronic equipment from that timeframe has become really valuable for collectors.  He's always scoping out the thrift stores for good quality speakers, old stereo equipment, and albums.  Just check out some of that old stuff listed on E-Bay, some of it goes for some serious coin. 

So we have hit up all the thrift stores we could find on the south side, but I was hoping we missed a few. We've stopped at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Value Village. I went looking for the few I knew of up by Mitchell Street, but they have been closed.  We also found a small one on Layton at 27th Street.  Are there any others?  Let me know! 

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