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Cudahy Budget Revenue Shortfall

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Please take a second to read this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel if you haven’t already read it or just want to refresh your memory.


Cudahy seeks fund transfer to counter revenue losses


By Tom Kertscher of the Journal Sentinel

Posted: Oct. 19, 2009 4:26 p.m.


Cudahy — With interest income and building permit revenue down dramatically, the Common Council on Tuesday will consider approving a $350,000 transfer to balance the 2009 budget.


Interest income was budgeted to exceed $330,000, but now is projected to be less than $81,000, according to a resolution the council will consider.


Similarly, revenue from building permits was budgeted to exceed $111,000, but now is expected to be less than $52,000.


Three other sources of revenue also are projected to produce less than what was budgeted.


The money would be transferred to the general fund from the Revolving Permanent Improvement Fund.  That fund is used to pay upfront for projects such as special street work, Mayor Ryan McCue said Monday.  The fund is then reimbursed by special assessments that are paid by residents for such projects, he said.


First off, this is not a shell game, it is poor budgeting.  How can someone be off by almost $250,000 on interest income?  The recession began in late 2007, so they should have seen what is going on.


When times are tough as they have been for a few years to low ball things.  You put them into the worst-case scenario not the best-case scenario.


The shortfall in building permits again was probably over the top projections, forced in to balance the budget.


We could do an open records requests and look at the 5 specific shortfalls, each line item line by line, go back several years, and see what specifically went wrong.


My guess without looking at the numbers, to balance the budget, they inflated these revenues to offset expenses.  Again, this is only a guess, but the inflated revenues were used to off set expenses.  Expenses that should have been reduced!


Maybe the Council didn’t ask enough tough questions or was just too trusting.  Or can it be this was not a battle they wanted to take on?


I was told by someone in an elected position there are battles you just don’t take on because the PROCESS is give and take.  You don’t want to be frozen out of something you want, so you go along to get along.  Sounds like a form of terrorism to me.  With threats and all?  Maybe!  The go along to get along does not work.


Now, they and we are paying the price by an unbalanced budget. 


By the way, this is the same thing that McCue campaigned on in 2007 that former Mayor John Hohenfeldt was accused of having deficit budgets, which was a lie and I am still waiting on someone to show me otherwise.  Two years I have been waiting!


Now, without transferring money, they/we have a $350,000 deficit or shortfall. 


Poor financial management by the Mayor, and council for approving the budget!


To read the online budget click here.  It is after the letter from the Mayor.


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